Marketing With Tivo, Dockers?

The positive buzz surrounding Tivo is leading to some strange marketing synergies. The recent iRiver PMC deal makes sense as an option for watching Tivo To Go, but the JCPenny Dockers promotion is way out in left field.

Dockers says: Buy $100 of Dockers Men’s Qualifying Apparel and/or Accessories Between September 25th and September 28th, 2005 and Receive a Free TiVo Series2 40-Hour DVR and 3 Months of Free Service.

2 thoughts on “Marketing With Tivo, Dockers?”

  1. The fine print states service is necessary for use. I have a Tivo without the service and it works fine as a DVR only. Is there some programming trick with this unit that requires service for the unit to work at all?

  2. Matt – what kind of TiVo do you have? The old Series1 units work as a basic DVR with no sub. But Series2 units are a doorstop without a subscription. *Except* for the DVD units from Pioneer and Toshiba, which include TiVo Basic.

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