XM Goes HD

I’m no audiophile, so this announcement doesn’t do much for me. However, those of you who enjoy fully immersive music are in for a treat. Beginning in March, XM subscriptions will include two “XM HD Surround” stations and special hi-def programming. Obviously, you’ll need some new hardware to handle the 5.1 audio… but why let … Read more

Dave’s Deal Of The Day

OK so I don’t have “deals of the day” on my site, but every now and then I do come across a bargain on some sort of gadget which needs to be shared. Walmart has been selling the Garmin i2 under $200 this holiday season and they’re back in stock today. CNET and Amazon reviewers … Read more

TiVo’s Wireless Adapter Arrives

TiVo’s custom wireless G USB adapter has arrived. As previously reported the adapter is compatible with Series 2 models and off-loads some of the network processing, by utilizing a “full MAC chipset,” resulting in improved throughput over, say, my Netgear WG111. The sexy little adapter retails for $49.99 direct from TiVo or less via Amazon. I’ll post photos with a TiVoToGo and Multi-Room Viewing (MRV) performance comparison as soon as mine arrives.

More visual goodness after the jump…

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DirecTV Goes Mobile

DirecTV is joining TiVo and Dish as a competitor in the portable media market. Next week they’ll be announcing a new partnership, possibly with a hardware vendor and NBC, as part of this mobile content initiative. No word yet regarding which DTV models, current or yet-to-come, and portable devices will be covered. There’s strength in … Read more

ReplayTV Moves To PC

ReplayTV is leaving the hardware business once all 5500 models have been sold. Additionally, D&M Holdings has ported ReplayTV software to the PC platform which will begin shipping next year bundled with Hauppauge tuner cards. ReplayTV intends to become solely a software and services company as first disclosed last summer with their intentions in the … Read more

Non-TiVo Humax LCD DVRs Coming To America

Humax plans to sell 26″, 32″, and 40″ LCD televisions with built-in DVRs to American consumers. While similar models have been seen overseas, this is the first time the products will be available in the US. Unlike the reference model displayed at CES, Humax appears to be going it alone without TiVo software. No timeline … Read more

Dave’s Holiday Cheer: Winners!

Thanks to all who entered the contest! The winners are: Cory G. Stephen Lemanek Michael Wade To pick the winners I reverse alphabetized all entrants, using the name they published under, to create a numbered list. Then the lucky folks were identified using a random number sequencer.

TiVo Adds Video Blog

Why stop at audio podcasting when you can serve up video? TiVo will begin providing daily Rocketboom broadcast downloads on Monday. Networked Series 2 units are eligible to sign up via this web page or through a new Showcase which will appear on TiVo units tonight.

Even cooler, TiVo is soliciting volunteers to provide content (Engadget, are you listening?) for their “VideoBlog Project” here.

TiVo says: Rocketboom is currently one of the most popular videoblogs on the internet with more daily subscribers for original syndicated multimedia content than nearly any other site, including podcasts. Now, Rocketboom is available on TiVo as part of the TiVo Video Download Trial.

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