TiVo 7.2.2 Priority List

TiVo’s 7.2.2 software rollout has begun. If you want first dibs, register here. Features include undelete, an improved Suggestions engine, and updated network drivers including support for the Linksys USB200M v2. Since there’s still no support for WPA, my USB200M is on order.

TiVo Cellphone Scheduling

TiVo has announced a partnership with Verizon to add cellphone scheduling capabilities early this summer. TiVo Mobile consists of a custom Java app, distinct from their recently refreshed animated web scheduling. Pricing hasn’t been announced and partnerships with other carriers haven’t been ruled out. One article suggested the service could cost up to $5/mo and … Read more

Slingbox Exposure

So I was in the Best Buy today looking for a new wireless bridge with multiple network jacks. The first thing I discovered is that no one has any idea what a wireless bridge is… apparantly the vogue terms are wireless ethernet converter or wireless game adapter, despite the fact this project has nothing to … Read more

TiVoToGo Header Hack

Greg Burns has whipped up a clever little TiVoToGo app called TiVo Attach that reapplies header metadata after editing a show. Though this is just the first phase… over at the

XM Portable Video Player?

So is this a fanboy Photoshop job or a leaked prototype? I’m voting Photoshop, though XM has partnered with On2 for video distribution. At the moment it appears they don’t have the bandwidth or content partnerships to beam multiple feeds of video, but what’s to stop them from creating a bring your own video (BYOV) … Read more

SlingPlayer 1.0.5 Beta Released

Looks like Slingbox SlingPlayer software version 1.0.5 is pretty close to being finalized. If you can’t wait, go download Friday’s beta. Major enhancements and fixes over 1.0.4 are noted below. Brand, new officially-approved TiVo remote control. The Video Tuning Wizard assists you in selecting the video settings that work best for your system without navigating … Read more

March Madness Webcast Free

Awesome! A network finally gets it. We don’t want to pay for content online — something about that model irks; we’ve grown accustomed to web content being free. CBS will broadcast every game of the first three rounds in the NCAA basketball tourney. March Madness on Demand does require you to register and will blackout … Read more

Yahoo! Go TV… Powered by TiVo?

Maybe I got it right back in January… In Friday’s 10-K filing, Yahoo listed TiVo as a partner for their Go software initiative which includes PVR functionality. Thomas Hawk had some hand’s on time with an early version of the software at CES and came away impressed. Hmmm… Yahoo apps on TiVo, TiVo apps on … Read more