CableCard HDHomeRun Beta Recruitment

One of the more interesting HTPC solutions, the SilicondDust HDHomeRun CableCard device is now accepting signups for their beta  according to their forums: The beta is moving ahead as planned… beta signup now online! Nick As mentioned earlier this year, SiliconDust’s HDHR CableCard device is interesting because it appears to be coming in a … Read more

SiliconDust to Announce CableCARD HDHomeRun

We’ve been hearing of something exciting coming from SiliconDust, the company that brought us the popular HDHomeRun network dual tuner product (a favorite of mine), and it looks like this is the week we’ll be getting the details on it. Over on the SiliconDust forums, the company revealed (screenshot above) they’ll be announcing a new … Read more

The HDHomeRun Giveaway

Well, it’s still that time of year… The news is slow and giving gifts is good. DVRUpgrade, generally known for providing TiVo hard drive upgrades (and a ZNF sponsor), let me play with the HDHomeRun ($~170) for the last few months and now we’re giving it away. The HDHomeRun is a pretty clever dual-tuning HD … Read more

HDHomeRun Reviewed

The HDHomeRun is a networked dual HD tuner device for shipping programming around your home computer network. Currently designed to work on Linux or Mac operating systems, the HDHomeRun receives OTA and/or unencrypted QAM via RF coax inputs and transmits content via Ethernet. Support for Windows MCE and BeyondTV is planned. EngadgetHD writes: If you … Read more

ATSC 3.0 Advocate Throws In The Towel

LG just dropped a bombshell on the FCC, as they pull ATSC 3.0 support due to patent licensing challenges. While this country has thrived on fruitful public+private technological partnerships that benefit all parties, including serving the greater good, ATSC 3.0 is not that. And hopefully the FCC backs off this nonsense (including facilitating deployment of … Read more

ATSC 3.0 Was Never About You

Due to expanded DRM deployment and associated consumer disruption, Cord Cutters News recently resurfaced the story that various ATSC 3.0 broadcasters had began encrypting their antenna channels beginning early this year. While televisions imbued with so called “NextGen TV” tuners for direct playback are unaffected, network tuners that relay video content and platforms that record … Read more

Channels DVR Software Now Controls Tablo TV Hardware

On the eve of the Slingbox Shutdown, placeshifting remains alive and well, both institutionally and amongst us geeky… as Channels DVR can now latch onto Tablo hardware. For those unaware, Tablo is a line of network tuners with subscription-based DVR capabilities. Without the subscription, Tablo is an inexpensive way to stream over-the-air antenna television around … Read more

Seven More Days of Slingbox

Welp. It’s come to this. Slingbox servers will be shut down forever come November 9th. At which point all remaining devices will be bricked. * As part of the original Sling Media team, initially in an advisory role followed by full-time employment, redefining media consumption was a wild and fulfilling ride. But, like the personal … Read more