SiliconDust to Announce CableCARD HDHomeRun


We’ve been hearing of something exciting coming from SiliconDust, the company that brought us the popular HDHomeRun network dual tuner product (a favorite of mine), and it looks like this is the week we’ll be getting the details on it. Over on the SiliconDust forums, the company revealed (screenshot above) they’ll be announcing a new CableCARD HDHomeRun product! The official announcement with all of the details (timing, pricing, number of tuners) will come at CES later this week. The recent elimination of the CableLabs certification requirement for the PC makes CableCard more accessible to all Windows 7 Media Center users. Add to that the ongoing development of a plugin to bring CableCard to SageTV users and it’s exciting to even more HTPC enthusiasts.

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6 thoughts on “SiliconDust to Announce CableCARD HDHomeRun”

  1. Wow. Awesome.

    Except…. years late. Come 2 years from now those who would want a cablecard hd solution are going to be using the Internet to obtain video.

  2. Awesome. When will they release a component -> h.264 device like the HD-PVR, except stable?

    My server runs WHS and SageTV which makes the cablecard thing hard to implement.

  3. This is GREAT news! After everyone dismisses Cable Card as a failure, maybe we’ll actually just start to see some new Cable Card devices at CES? Let’s see, the Ceton tuners, now this, maybe a new Tivo (hopefully)?

    I’m interested in it. Just will need to stay tuned for specifics.

  4. Thomas, Something big, certification-wise and in terms of content protection assurances, would have to happen for MythTV to work with CableCARDs. Can’t see it happening.

    cypher, my TiVo briefing at CES requires a NDA. Meaning it’s unlikely there will be any big retail or DirecTV box announcements.

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