TiVo Preps Series2 Update

In what may be one of the final Series2 platform updates, TiVo has launched a priority request page for the Fall 2008 Software (9.3.2). This S2 refresh consists of just a few UI tweaks, designed to spotlight broadband content and emphasize Swivel Search: This service update reorganizes some of the TiVo Central menu choices, specifically … Read more

TiVo Series2 8.3 Priority Request

The title just about says it all… So go get ‘er: Thank you for your interest in the new TiVo Spring 2007 Service Update, featuring new options for recorded programs and improved TiVoCast support!

TiVo Series2 Software Update 8.3 Rolling

Looks like TiVo is quietly rolling 8.3 out to a few select customers. Expect a full rollout (with priority registration?) in the near future. The build message reads: We just upgraded your Tivo service with the Spring 2007 Service update. This update includes more options for programs in your Now Playing list and integrates support … Read more

TiVo Series2 Receives Minor Update

Broadband-connected Series2 owners: 8.1 becomes 8.1a… This release is a very small update, specifically targeted to address the TiVoToGo issue and provide some needed infrastructure for the new Amazon service.

TiVo Offers $99 Lifetime Service Transfer*

*with catches, of course While its been periodically available, to folks who call in, TiVo is now publicizing a highly compelling but targeted $99 Lifetime Service transfer… from older DVRs onto the newer TiVo Bolt platform. For a limited time, transfer lifetime service from your TiVo Series 2 or Series 3 DVR for only $99 with a … Read more

TiVo Drops YouTube & Video Podcasts

TiVo app pruning continues… As previously reported, Amazon Instant downloads were to be dropped. Well, as it turns out, TiVo Series 2 and Series 3 owners will also be losing YouTube access come April 16th: All good things must come to an end, right? Well, that’s the case here. As of April 16, 2015, you will no longer be … Read more

TiVo Premiere Glo Remotes Hit Best Buy

Perhaps I missed it launch week. Or perhaps it’s an even newer arrival. Regardless, I discovered and unboxed the new TiVo Glo Remote, Premiere Edition, at the Best Buy Friday night… as they conducted some light iPad remodeling. It appears that the jump in physical quality from standard “peanut” to Glo is much less dramatic … Read more

ZNF ‘Round The Web

Leaving comments across the blogosphere… Twitterrific Comes Roaring Back Into The iPhone Twitter App Wars As someone who paid $10 for the original, I’m glad the upgrade was free. But they may have introduced extra complexity and reduced usability in how they implemented the expanded feature set. I’m a bit torn between it and Tweetie. … Read more