ZNF: What We’re Watching

Seeing as how the new fall season is well underway (and in some cases nearly over), we thought we’d share the top programming on our DVRs. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… Davis Survivor The Office Heroes American Dad CSI Miami Mari Studio 60 House Battlestar Galactica Veronica Mars College Basketball Dave Jericho … Read more

The Internet: Where TV Shows Go To Die

One of the first shows canceled this television season was CBS’ Smith. As one of about a dozen viewers, I was disappointed when they decided to pull the plug on the weekly heist drama after only three episodes. But I can’t say I’m surprised… The show obviously had a big budget for actors, sets, and … Read more

When Good Shows Get Cancelled

Mari Silbey joins ZNF… TV technology keeps getting better, and yet so far it hasn’t solved the problem of good shows that get cancelled long before they should. Rumor has it that Studio 60 may not be getting the viewers it needs to stick around. Will shows like this – with a bad time slot … Read more

Lost and American Idol Finales Tonight

As a DVR user and a guy with a short attention span, I don’t watch a whole lot of live TV. Football and Lost are about the only things I catch as they’re broadcast. Why bother posting? I want to get it on the record that 4/13 I predicted Henry Gale as a Kaiser Soze… … Read more

HBO Announces DVD Release Dates

At long last, HBO has announced release dates for the second seasons of Deadwood and Entourage! Still no word on Rome or Ricky Gervais’ Extras. We watch most television through Netflix these days (no commercials, no scheduling, compressed seasons), and have been anxiously awaiting these discs. Speaking of Netflix television, we’re in the midst of … Read more