HBO Announces DVD Release Dates

At long last, HBO has announced release dates for the second seasons of Deadwood and Entourage! Still no word on Rome or Ricky Gervais’ Extras. We watch most television through Netflix these days (no commercials, no scheduling, compressed seasons), and have been anxiously awaiting these discs. Speaking of Netflix television, we’re in the midst of a Sleeper Cell marathon this weekend.

Deadwood Season 2 – 5/23/06
Entourage Season 2 – 6/6/06

5 thoughts on “HBO Announces DVD Release Dates”

  1. Ahhhh, Sleeper Cell, another one of the great series that were on Showtime that no one saw. Have you checked out Weeds yet?

  2. I just hope they eventually release “The Comeback” on DVD. That was a hilarious show that went totally unappreciated last summer!

  3. Are you guys crazy? Sleeper Cell was one of the worst shows ever. I tried so hard to get into it – impossible, and I watch a LOT of TV, particularly in the general genre.

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