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As most of you know, TiVo killed the Lifetime Service option because it wasn’t exactly profitable. (Damn that reliable hardware and replaceable hard drive. ;) ) So I find it particularly interesting to see TiVo offering up a Lifetime Service transfer with an 80 hour dual tuner Series2 for $300. I suppose TiVo wants everyone on newer hardware to experience broadband services, receive ads, and to be tabulated under Stop||Watch. You have until July 23rd to think it over.

The fine print:

Qualify current TiVo DVR
Enter the TiVo Service Number of your TiVo® DVR with Product Lifetime Service ACTIVATED PRIOR to June 15, 2003.

See the pretty picture after the break…

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A while back I had a chance to talk with Vipin Jain, CEO of Retrevo. Retrevo is a vertical search engine for consumer electronics that I first saw back at DEMOfall ’06. I loved the idea, particularly because of the search engine’s ability to bring up product manuals for CE devices I bought in the 1990s. However, I wasn’t convinced that it could be terribly successful, given how well Google has cornered the search market.

In talking with Jain, however, I found out about a new category that Retrevo has tagged on to its search results in addition to the already-present “manufacturer info,” “reviews & articles,” and “forums and blogs.” The new category is “daily deals” and I found it quite handy a couple of weeks ago when buying a GPS system for my husband’s birthday gift. (His birthday is now past, so no secrets being revealed here.)

I’d done my research on which product to buy (the TomTom ONE) and I started searching for the best price. At first I thought I’d go with Amazon because I still had my Amazon Prime trial membership running and I could get free 2-day shipping. But then thankfully I remembered to check out Retrevo. A Retrevo daily deal saved me more than $70 on the total price. And there were no rebates to deal with, only a simple coupon code.

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xbox-360.jpg is selling a refurb Xbox 360
for $100 off. Their listed price is $324.99, but using the code GEEKBOX2 during checkout drops it by another 25 bucks. This is the Premium/Platinum model which includes a 20GB hard drive and headset, but no HDMI. While it’s not as sweet as the deal I got (new 360, half off), this method doesn’t require lowering your credit score.

(via Gizmodo)

skype_phone_signedin.jpgOne of my parting gifts as Netgear’s CES Blogger In Residence was a WiFi Skype phone. But wait. There’s more! They also provided me with their new dual-mode Skype phone. Believe it or not, there’s only so many Skype phones I can use. So one lucky reader is taking the WiFi model home.

Quick summary… What I like: Wireless handset with Skype – no computer needed. What I don’t like: Battery life and lack of web browser (to sign on at Starbucks). I loaned Kevin Tofel of jkOnTheRun the phone who has written a more thorough review.

Here’s how ya win: Leave a comment linking to something we wrote in January, 2007 and tell us why you selected that as a notable topic. No two submissions can use the same post. ;) I’ll pick a random winner sometime next week.

Update: Good news for the winner who also connects at Starbucks… A beta firmware update allows T-Mobile Hotpost authentication.

TiVo Antennae Giveaway

Dave Zatz —  May 8, 2007


I don’t know if my TiVo really gets me (I’m so misunderstood), but if your TiVo does and you’d like to frighten your spouse or children with a pair of funky antennae just leave a comment. I’ll randomly pick a winner tomorrow.


Want to upgrade your TiVo Series3 with external storage? Me too. After a failed journey Micro Center yesterday, I started researching online deals for eSATA drives. In addition to finding a good price, my criteria also included 500GB drives that come enclosed and with an eSATA cable.

So far I’ve found two decent deals worth sharing:

slingbox-classic.jpgI just received word that Woot is blowing out refurbished Slingbox Classics for a low $70. As with all Woot deals, this is one day only and while supplies last. To answer the obvious question: A primary difference between the Classic and the current lineup is resolution. The new boxes broadcast at higher resolutions up to 640×480… However, unless you have FiOS, you’ll only see it on the LAN. So for most WAN and all smartphone playback, the quality is similar amongst Slingboxes.

In conjunction with the Woot deal, we (I’m employed by Sling Media) are running a secret ;) promotion for $20 off the 4-port Slinglink Turbo. This is a zero-config powerline ethernet adapter pair with four ports — meaning you can network multiple devices like my Xbox 360, TiVo Series 3, and Slingbox PRO… or whatever you need to connect.


Need a Joost Invite?

Dave Zatz —  April 27, 2007


Joost is up to v0.9.4 now (Mac & PC) and I’ve got another 5 invites to giveaway. It seems like I’m supposed to make you work for these, but let’s do it on the honor system: Tell your buddies about ZNF, check out some older posts, visit some of my advertisers… you know, things you should always be doing. ;) Upon completing the mission, leave a comment stating that you want in. Tomorrow, I’ll randomly select the recipients.

FYI As mentioned before, I’ve been trying to get a larger number of invitations to distribute. Joost tells me to “be patient” — amusing, since I’m doing them a marketing favor. My other source hasn’t panned out yet. But hope springs eternal.