The Constitution Day TiVo Giveaway

In honor of Constitution Day, we’re giving away a few goodies that I picked up prior to TiVo killing their referral program. The prize package, valued at one million dollars, consists of:

Entering the giveaway is simple. Register for a comment avatar (Gravatar) if you don’t already have one and then leave a comment. One lucky US resident will be randomly selected in the next day or so.

93 thoughts on “The Constitution Day TiVo Giveaway”

  1. Not sure how registering a Gravatar helps, but I’ve done so, and here I am. If I win, please don’t report the value of my million-dollar prize to the IRS!

  2. Given I’ve had my GPS stolen, lost my BT headset and lost my digital camera in the course of the last 7 days, I figure I’m due for some good Karma when it comes to tech

  3. Do you own stock in Gravatar or something?!! ; ) You sure want people to use them! Of course, I’d like to use the glo remote while wearing the tivo antenna but we’ve all got different priorities. . .

  4. Nope, I own no stock in Gravatar (acquired by Automattic, one of the players behind WordPress). However, I value ‘community’ and graphical representations add to individual personality. Besides, I can’t make it too easy to win – have to give you guys a little work to do. ;) It slows down the non-regulars who crawl Technorati or Google Blogs for ‘giveaway’…

  5. Screw the Glo Remote. I need those antennae! Just kidding. The Glo Remote would certainly be an improvement to my S2/SDTV setup. Although I’m not sure my setup deserves it.

  6. I Did a Gravatar but unclear on how that helps here.

    anyway, TiVoPony has a 10 million dollar TiVo remote but this is a nice second banana behind that one ;)

  7. I’ve had a gravatar FOREVER … here I am a LONG time ago :) ENJOY …

    Maybe I’ll enjoy the Glo Remote for being a gravatar user already!

  8. I would love that remote. Maybe if it lit up then I could find out easier which couch the kids had lost it under.

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