Kindle Out Of Stock, High Demand or New Version?

I noticed the 6″ Amazon’s Kindle is out of stock on with no indication of when it might return. Put on your rosy-colored speculation glasses and you might expect to see a Kindle 3 refresh in the coming days. Rumors of an August announcement have been swirling around the net for a while now, suggesting … Read more

Kindle eBooks Outselling Hardcovers on Amazon

The GeekTonic home has seen it’s share of eReaders including the Kindle, Nook and iPad. But when it comes to reading books, the Kindle is our all around favorite – especially with Amazon’s price drop (down to $189). Now, CEO Jeff Bezos tells us that Kindle books are now outselling Hardcover books on Amazon. For … Read more

D-Link Boxee Box First Look

Boxee Chief Product Officer, Zach Klein gives a low-fi un-Boxee-ing intro video (recorded via iPhone) of the first D-Link Boxee box in its final production hardware. My favorite aspect of Boxee hardware continues to be the IR/RF remote control with QWERTY keyboard on the backside. The Boxee Box is slated for arrival in late October or … Read more

Popbox Arrives (with early firmware issues)

The Popbox ($130) media streamer from Syabas has been one of the more anticipated media players for 2010 and it seems to have arrived a few days ahead of schedule (yet still late). As a matter of fact Syabas, the company that brings us Popbox says they were “surprised” by the early availability on Amazon. Unfortunately, … Read more

Microsoft Windows 8 To Abandon TV Tuners?

Paul Thurrott has a short “preview” of sorts for the next version of Windows – Windows 8.  It seems like Windows 7 has barely been around long enough to get acquainted, but there’s no question Microsoft already has it’s teams working on the next version of their flagship OS.  One thing that might surprise or … Read more

Remove The World Cup Vuvuzela Buzz (HTPC)

Flickr / Dundas Football Club At the GeekTonic house we watched the US versus England match during  Saturday’s World Cup broadcast and enjoyed everything about it except for the annoying Vuvuzela buzz that seems to permeate all of South Africa right now. So lets say you also want to get rid of that the buzzing, … Read more

Hands On the Kindle 2.5 Update

The Kindle 2.5 firmware update announced over a month ago is now available for all. It will eventually auto-download to your Kindle while wireless is on, but, if you’re impatient like I, you can download it and install it manually using a USB cable. After a quick download, transferring the file to the root folder of the … Read more

SageTV 7 Arrives – New UI, Plugins, and More

Since January from CES, we knew a new SageTV version was coming which would include a new UI. I’ve had the opportunity to preview this significant update and will run through the new features, changes and improvements – which are now available in beta form. Probably on the most-requested list for SageTV developers is a re-write … Read more