PlayOn Upgrades To High Definition Streaming

One of PlayOn’s perennial dings has been the lack of high definition streaming. But, starting this month, both new and existing customers can upgrade from 480p to 720p… at a cost – both in terms of fees and required quad core processing capabilities. As a refresher, PlayOn lives on your home PC (sorry Mac owners) and … Read more

PlayOn Preps Amazon & ESPN Chromecast Streaming

Our pal Brad Linder got the scoop on PlayOn’s next move from a NYC press event earlier this week… and Chromecast support is in the pipeline. While we’d originally portrayed PlayOn as something of a sketchy hack, our thinking has evolved… Given the rights holders sluggish metamorphosis and often onerous playback restrictions, we now recognize PlayOn … Read more

PlayOn Mobile: Hulu, CBS, ComedyCentral for iPhone

Last month PlayOn got tired of waiting for Apple to launch a native iOS app for its streaming audio and video service, so the company introduced a web-based version using HTML5. But Apple has since decided to relax some of its App Store rules, and now there’s an official PlayOn app available for download. It’s free, and … Read more

PlayOn Brings Hulu to iPhone (Next Week)

I can’t say I’ve been PlayOn’s biggest supporter. In fact, I usually refer to it as a hack. But some hacks are decidedly more clever and useful than others. Their current Windows server software ($40) essentially scrapes web video content, such as Hulu and Netflix, to pipe it to home DLNA devices – so you can catch … Read more

PlayOn Released – Netflix & Hulu Streaming

After months of testing, MediaMall’s PlayOn video streaming software has been released from beta. PlayOn pipes Hulu, Netflix CNN, ESPN and may other online content sources from a Windows PC to a Xbox 360, PS3, Popcorn Hour and many other DLNA or UPnP devices. I use it with the SageTV HD200, which isn’t officially supported … Read more

PlayOn: Netflix on your PS3?

I first came across PlayOn a few weeks ago. The PC-based software streams several Internet video site’s content to DLNA-compatible devices. PlayOn is still in beta, though the promised Netflix Watch Now support has just hit. Like most of the PlayOn experience, it continues to be rough around the edges – which is not unreasonable … Read more

Cutting The Cord's Not So Hard… When You Steal

Earlier this week, as part of PBS Mediashift‘s 2012 guide to “Cutting the Cord” one entry in the series covered the darker side of this phenomenon: I catch my favorite shows, new and classic movies, real-time sports, and breaking news for free, on my TV, through the Internet. […] There is the legal way, and the … Read more