PlayOn Upgrades To High Definition Streaming


One of PlayOn’s perennial dings has been the lack of high definition streaming. But, starting this month, both new and existing customers can upgrade from 480p to 720p… at a cost – both in terms of fees and required quad core processing capabilities. As a refresher, PlayOn lives on your home PC (sorry Mac owners) and relays web video to mobile devices and set-tops around your house (using native DLNA capabilities or dedicated PlayOn apps like this Roku one). While its companion product, PlayLater, is your web DVR – enabling you to record and offload video from the likes Netflix or Hulu. Looks like the going rate for new customers is $70 for both PlayOn and PlayLater, with HD capabilities and without messing with a monthly subscription – although that may be worth a gander before fully committing.

4 thoughts on “PlayOn Upgrades To High Definition Streaming”

  1. Now that this works with HD can someone who is using it give some details on how well PlayLatter works? Like what media players do the PlayLatter files work with? What are the file restrictions? Can they be moved to other computers or tablets or do they have to be streamed?

  2. I’ve been using PlayLater for a while. I use it to record shows from Hulu and play them on my Roku. It has also been handy to record movies for the kids from Netflix to load up on the iPad for road trips.

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