PlayOn Released – Netflix & Hulu Streaming

After months of testing, MediaMall’s PlayOn video streaming software has been released from beta. PlayOn pipes Hulu, Netflix CNN, ESPN and may other online content sources from a Windows PC to a Xbox 360, PS3, Popcorn Hour and many other DLNA or UPnP devices. I use it with the SageTV HD200, which isn’t officially supported by PlayOn, but does playback Hulu and some of the other sources, although not Netflix unfortunately. I’m not a huge fan of the interface you get with PlayOn, but if you need these video feeds on your hardware, it’s hard to argue against. Plus, they plan to add new features and Wii support in early 2009. PlayOn currently runs $30, but will increase to $40 on Feburary 8th. Download a free, 14 day trial at MediaMall.

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