Trick Out Your HOME Audio With Spotify CAR Thing

While Spotify no longer manufactures hardware, they continue to unload Car Thing inventory at steep discounts. Given generally stronger European consumer protections, I suspect they’ll continue to support it for quite some time. As such, a number of my Twitter buddies have been picking up this automotive accessory … for their home offices.

You see, there’s this dude on YouTube who just loves physical dials. And he’s documented how he and others are using the Spotify Car Thing with their computer speakers. The hack, which is really more of a repurposing, does require a Bluetooth-paired smartphone in the mix. But, with voice control, favorite buttons, touchscreen, and that wheel, it’s all pretty compelling for Spotify Premium customers at only thirty bucks. If that fire sale pricing isn’t enough to move you, “EXTRA10” takes another 10% off.

As for me, I’m not currently a Spotify subscriber (and generally work in silence). So I’m contemplating parlaying that “saved” $30 towards this QuickKeys contraption, also surfaced by the Youtuber. Hmmm. :)

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  1. Spotify has Spotify Car Thing Bluetooth Voice Controlled Music Player on sale for $29.99 – $3 when you apply promo code Extra10 at checkout = $26.99. Shipping is free.

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