Wyze Clears The Air With Upcoming Purifier

Freshly infused with cash, Wyze continues to crank away on new products . And, next up for the Amazon Basics of gadgetry (and occasional iHealth reseller) is the Wyze Air Purifier.

Unlike some of their other recent home products, the upcoming Wyze purifier will indeed be “smart” with WiFi connectivity and app control. Like my recently acquired Winix purifier, the Internet-connectivity facilitates scheduling and looks to incorporate local air quality – such as tree pollen and smoke levels.

Like most air purifiers, it can run at various speeds, including max and turbo, but no turbo max. While the enclosure is rectangular, Wyze incorporates a round filter – perhaps similar to the $105 Meross smart purifier. For possible context, that’s a 3-stage HEPA filter capable of capturing 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size. But, while the meross is Homekit-compatible, I assume Wyze will provide only optional Alexa and Google Assistant integration.

No word yet on possible pricing or launch timing although, given a recently deleted tweet, it should be real soon.

Originally published 12/3/21. Updated 4/8/22 with new imagery and Wyze tweet reference.

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  1. Square container, round filter? Why did that just invoke visions of engineers at NASA trying to MacGyver something for Apollo 13.. :-)

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