Ring Stickup Cams Can Now Pan & Tilt

Ring continues to quietly release new ecosystem accessories, such as an outdoor contact sensor last month, and now a Ring Stickup Cam pan & tilt mount spotted by Dan Wroclawski.

The Ring Pan & Tilt Mount comes in three flavors, running $45-55, dependent upon which style Stickup Cam you plan to augment and indoor/outdoor usage. Irrespective of SKU, the retrofit provides a 340° rotation and 60° tilt. Of course, the accessory itself runs as much as and entire Wyze Cam Pan v2, but this is a quick and easy way to expand Ring home capabilities.


3 thoughts on “Ring Stickup Cams Can Now Pan & Tilt”

  1. Mine arrived tonight. 30second install (without mounting). Next time you fire up the app it offers to configure the PT base. Set home position and any motion zones and you are good to go.

    When in live view you can pan and tilt as you like. As soon as you end live view it returns to the home position. Simple and brilliant. I have ordered another…

  2. It may be too much to ask, but would be great if a future update allowed it to pan and tilt to follow motion that it detected.

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