Ring Beats Arlo To Pet Tracking

Announced by Amazon way back in 2019, Steve Moser and I can confirm Ring Fetch appears close to release. However, the the tracker (pictured above) may land with a new name — Ring Buddy and Ring Pet Tag are two likely candidates that we’ve encountered in our research.

While Amazon Sidewalk has raised a number of questions, beyond the privacy considerations, a pet tracker seems like a perfect use case for the low-power network – both within your own property and beyond, as visualized in the video below.

Arlo had similar pet tracking ambitions, as revealed here in 2018, that seem to have been left on the cutting room floor… amidst a broader business realignment focused on subscription services. In any event, if Ring doesn’t do it for you (timing, pricing tbd) and Arlo never arrives, you could just pop an AirTag into your pup’s collar.

4 thoughts on “Ring Beats Arlo To Pet Tracking”

  1. Yah, there’s a few “traditional” beacon providers that use cellular and gps and such. But what makes Ring and Apple unique is their low-power, crowd-sourced location networks. Was just reading about the guy who shipped AirTags across the world and followed their progress. Always that privacy v convenience conundrum.

  2. Having grown up with Cairn terriers who would escape from their tether in the yard every 2-3 years on freedom quests (actually, more like sniffing and scenting expeditions), a tag like this would have been very welcome indeed.

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