Wyze Is Prepping A Floodlight Camera

Embedded within Wyze’s recent mobile application updates are references to an upcoming floodlight ensemble and a possibly related socket accessory. The Wyze floodlight includes requisite motion sensing capabilities, along with a siren to deter unwanted visitors. However, it’s unclear if these are meant to complement and accessorize the existing Wyze Cam v3, with its stellar low light capabilities, or if they represent entirely new products.

In any event, given the floodlight assembly’s core configuration, one might assume this to be a hardwired solution — similar to, say, the Ring Floodlight Camera. And, despite Wyze’s rising costs, it’s also safe to assume this will clock in with competitive pricing whenever Wyze announces availability.

2 thoughts on “Wyze Is Prepping A Floodlight Camera”

  1. I’ve been using the Wasserstein 4-1 floodlight with Wyzev3 and it’s worked great for me.

  2. It seems to me most entries in this product category carry too high of a premium. In my experience most outdoor motion sensors have a limited service life before they start to fail. That’s annoying if you are looking at a $30-50 floodlight, but a different problem if you are looking at something in the $200-ish range.

    Would certainly love to see more competition in this category.

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