What’s Next For Wyze

Everyone’s favorite budget tech company Wyze has some new products in the pipeline, which should come as no surprise given their corporate relationships and general ‘throw it all against the wall to see what sticks’ approach. So, as both Wyze Home Monitoring Systems and Smart Watches begin shipping to customers, here’s some of what comes next:

Wyze Buds Pro
Via the FCC we learn Wyze Buds Pro are en route. Like the existing Wyze Headphones, these buds will provide some degree of active noise cancellation and a transparency mode. Basic tap controls are present to play/pause, advance track, answer calls, etc but go one step further than Apple AirPods with a triple tap. The charging case, shown above, is powered via USB-C or can be topped off with wireless Qi charging. No telling when the Buds will ship, but you’ll have your choice of white or black and can bet they’ll be relatively inexpensive.

Wyze Floor Lamp
Via the Wyze app, we see several references to an app-controlled floor lamp and what looks to be a companion Bluetooth button. While many things pass through the app that don’t make it to market, there are enough references here that I believe this to be a lock. Iconography suggests a black chair-height lamp with positionable light fixture and a disc shaped remote, that would likely handle power duties. It’d be doubly cool if it’s a dimmable dial or can be programmed to handle other actions within the Wyze ecosystem, like starting up the Robot Vac or controlling Wyze Color Bulbs.

Wyze Window Mount
Via a somewhat hidden Wyze Store page, a $5 window mount is now available for Wyzecam v3 owners. While my v3 isn’t quite a stable as my v2 yet, there’s no question color night vision is insanely compelling. And this inexpensive mount allows us to monitor the outside from within, without worrying about reflective glass glare. Of course, Wyze contains costs by charging shipping fees, so I’m timing a purchase to minimize those expenses – perhaps I’ll pick up a pair of window mounts when the buds drop.

9 thoughts on “What’s Next For Wyze”

  1. I appreciate Wyze’s business model– repackage Chinese commodity hardware and replace the software. It makes sense to me. I’d invest in the company.

  2. Their prices are too low at this point to generate significant revenue. So while I may enjoy picking up a few of their inexpensive things as a consumer, I wouldn’t invest in the company. Not to mention there have been some rookie staffing and contractual missteps along with unwillingness to lean hard into subscriptions that should give investors pause. I also worry about their ability to scale support as product line grows, given some of what we’re seeing. But their stuff can be great and driving other co’s pricing downwards is good for everyone.

  3. I got a Wyze door bell camera at the end of Feb. Installation was easy, the live picture looks nice. But event playback has never worked. Mysterious error messages, or a ‘spinner’ that never stops spinning.

    Tech support hasn’t helped at all, even with multiple log submissions, and complaints (from me and others) on their non-supported support forum.

    I like their products – have several V2 and V3 cams – and the outdoor one, but the doorbell camera hasn’t worked since installing it over 9 weeks ago. Disappointing

  4. I doubt their hardware prices are too low for revenue. It’s rebadged Chinese junk, basically. They make it for pennies in mass quantities.

    What I _don’t_ understand is how they can offer free cloud video storage and still make money, even if it’s limited to 12 seconds every 3 minutes or whatever. Everything else makes sense to me.

  5. Wyze markets a “smart watch” that is anything but. It’s just an activity tracker and does little else. I got suckered.

  6. Wyze support is non-existent. I paid for a Cam Plus annual subscription that cannot be activated. Buyer beware!

  7. My doorbell works great. Just had a hard time finding the on and off for person or vehicle or package. It is under account rather than in detection or settings some place.

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