Another Apple HomeKit Controller Joins The Fray

Thanks to the FCC, we learn that Belkin is poised to release the WeMo Stage Scene Controller. And, unlike the Hue Dimmer retrofit, the WeMo Stage is a purpose-built HomeKit switch. As in: no pre-existing functions are being replaced as button presses (short or long) are programmed. Of course, as the name suggests, Belkin intends this Bluetooth controller to be scene-based – more of a macro trigger than individual action, although both scenarios can be accommodated via the Apple Home app configuration.

As with the Hue Dimmer, an optional wall plate with is provided… and is the sort of thing my wife and daughter appreciate as I drag them along on my smart home (mis)adventures. Familiar and well-placed physical interactions usually trump shouting awkward or forgettable voice assistant commands. Along those lines, the WeMo Stage also kindly adds visual cues that a scene has fired (green light) and low battery (yellow).

No word yet and pricing or timing, but hopefully we’ll see see it land at $35 or less.

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