Finally A SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera

By way of the FCC and a deep dive into the company’s Android app, we learn SimpliSafe is poised to close a conspicuous gap in their home security ecosystem by soon offering an outdoor camera. The sleek looking (in renders, at least) SimpliSafe outdoor camera features an LED spotlight, magnetic dome mount, 2.4GHz WiFi communication, and rechargeable battery.

For several years SimpliSafe was my go-to security system (although I didn’t love their indoor cameras) given its rock-solid, set-and-forget performance, in a tasteful package. More recently, though, I migrated my home to Ring Alarm given its vast interoperability and more favorable pricing – along with far superior cams. In any event, it’s good to see Simpli expand their product line with a wire-free camera. And it shouldn’t be long until we receive word on launch pricing and timing.

11 thoughts on “Finally A SimpliSafe Outdoor Camera”

  1. They were supposed to offer compatibility with HomeKit three years ago. Ripped out a gen 2 system in my new home to get gen three with the promise of HomeKit coming.

  2. Just spoke to SimpliSafe and new camera is very close to this design and will release late July 2021. I was given 4 to review.

  3. Just home the beta test version of the new outdoor camera. Looks just like the pics and it has. Built in spot light. It’s pretty cool so far and easy to set up

  4. The community rep on the SimpliSafe forums, when asked for a status on the outdoor camera, literally just replied on the 07/09 with:

    “Unfortunately we can’t get any more specific with the updates just yet. I know, it’s been a very long time since we first announced the outdoor cam. We’re still hard at work on it. When there’s more news, I promise you’ll hear it from me, right in this forum.”

    For more than a year the official response to anyone asking, “when is the outdoor camera going to be available?” on their official forums has literally been, “soon!” so I don’t think any of us are holding our breath.

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