Discovery wants us to cancel cable. So we will.

The Discovery network of channels continues to abuse its cable customers with incessant commercials (for those who cannot skip) and excessive ad overlays, that obscure our paid content, to pitch Discovery+ – a competing $4.99/mo streaming service… that’s noticeably incomplete and subject to commercial interruption.

While there are a few Food Network and HGTV shows we enjoy recording, there’s way too much other good television out there that hasn’t been similarly corrupted. Further, live Discovery channels often serve as background noise while doing other things. And, while vacationing at two cable-free Airbnb properties last year, we discovered the freely streaming, Viacom-owned Pluto TV can serve a similar function.

We’re hopeful of moving (again) in the next few months and Discovery’s aggressive and befuddling advertising has finally convinced us we’ll no longer need cable on the other side. Unfortunately, for them, we also have no intention of picking up Discovery+.

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  1. Thanks for the clarification! I obviously didn’t see. Still need the complete library. A heavyweight like Disney gets a partial pass given their level of content. Discovery is mostly replaceable fluff in my household. :)

    The conversation kinda went like this, “Why are we paying for this”? “I don’t know.” Also, my 5 year old daughter is a big Chopped Junior fan and we used Food Network Go to catch up on some shows the DVR missed – those app ads are unskippable and also not age-appropriate. When Discovery licensing reverts (assuming that’s the issue), maybe we’ll contemplate + but there really is more good stuff out there than hours in the day to enjoy it. It’s the golden age of television.

  2. What do you mean by Discovery Licensing? Are is there content they cannot bring to steaming due to cable licensing?

  3. Yes, that’s the presumption – to maybe preserve their cable relationships and revenue (despite advertising to contrary) and wait out existing streaming licensing deals, live and certain content are unavailable – for example, some of the shows we wanted to watch during our discovery+ trial are only available in …Hulu. Presumably, that’ll move over at some point. Or perhaps it won’t. Bottom line for us: their cable experience has been further sullied and their replacement offering isn’t (yet?) up to snuff.

  4. $6.99 is all for commercial free and I’m very pleased with what Discovery+ has to offer it’s simple $6.99 for commercial free not that expensive and for what you get it’s actually worth it but remember $6.99 COMMERCIAL FREE!!!

  5. I just got discovery+, and I love it, I mostly watch national geographic and discovery, cancelled my disney+, cause I’ve watched everything on there, disc+, is also 6.99 no commercials, so I’m have Hulu, Netflix, and now disc+, everything you could ask for,screw cable and its stupid ads,same with youtube, just download youtube vanced and no more ads,doesnt cost anything.

  6. I have too many streaming services. It’s a nightmare. Disney+, Hulu, ESPN+, peacock, showtime, Netflix, prime video, and discovery plus.

    I get them all bundled for free, and we also get live TV

  7. As @Rick said above, I too find myself watching Youtube, or even Rumble and other sources instead of TV. As soon as StarLink is available in my area so I could cut the cable completely, I would have to consider getting rid of Comcast althogether.

  8. I say screw arrogant Satellite companies. All.your doing is taking away our money to get yourself rich.. I have Roku TV now and ill stick with that. Not throwing away 150 dollars to 180 dollars for crap.just to make you people rich. And another thing going out To the worst company ever. People do not go with Viasat there out to steal your money and are the worst WiFi owners ever. They don’t do what they say. I called to have my WiFi canceled and its on recording in the month of December 2020 they didn’t do what was asked of them. Now there saying I owe them 318.00 dollars .Nope when I get reimbursed for what they did to me in the months of November and December by not showing up to fix my so called junk satellite equipment in full they will not get anything in return from me. Im tired of these companies taking advantage of us good people. So please people listen to me do not i repeat DO NOT GO WITH VIASAT. THANK YOU

  9. The hilarity with Discovery + is that Discovery was a founder of what became Philo, which was originally meant to be the only place you could stream Discovery networks. Things changed and they began allowing Discovery networks on the various streaming platforms. But they still want people to pay money direct to Discovery and this is that play. And it’s stupid. The content just isn’t worth it for most people, and Pluto has similar free content and much more. I’m waiting for the day Discovery creates a third platform to compete against plus and Philo. Mark my words! It will happen.

  10. I’m so glad you posted this. I am so annoyed at the Obnoxious overlay on the programming while I’m watching it it’s a distraction and abuse. Bastards!

  11. I got Discovery through Philo but since the pandemic Discovery is repeat after repeat or content that promotes values I don’t approve off like pandering to a family that covered sexual abuse and turning women into baby factories.. so I dropped and opted to rokus free selection and Netflix…so far do good

  12. I’m still trying to figure out if these are old shows I’ve already seen or new versions of the old show? The last thing I want to do is waste my time watching the shows and then realize I’ve already seen them! I know a couple of the shows are new but I pay an ungodly amount now why would I want to pay more? Luckily, I have a free trial for 6 months. After that who knows?

  13. I think they have pushed spo heavy on n the advertising of this stream be cause nobody’s buying in to it. They’re already offering special deals.

  14. Hahahaha!

    Reading this on my phone, and there are five Discovery + app ads in the article.

    Maybe they want us to cancel too?

  15. Ryan, Right On, that is ironic and hopefully amusing. :) But also automated/programmatic – I certainly wouldn’t promote something I don’t endorse. Beyond that, I’m more like Pluto TV or The Roku Channel or YouTube: the content is “free” but ad-supported – no exorbitant cable-esque monthly fees to gain entry.

    By the by, I forgot to mention some of the newer discovery+ overlays are video promos, which can be even more distracting.

  16. I haven’t had cable in 5 years. Just internet service. I get Netflix free though T-mobile. The only Channels my wife and I watch consistently is Food Network and HGTV. So only paying 6.99 for getting commercial free is a no brainer for us.

  17. It depends what you like. I think it does a bad job of fully explaining what it has. For me it’s great but I like real estate shows and cooking shows. I love Ghostnation. There are so many shows I enjoy on there. I just found out Pawn Stars is on there and Forged in Fire. Even the option with commercials has far less commercials than on regular TV without all the little pop ins these shows usually has. I can see if you are not a big fan why you wouldn’t care for it. I think they need to explain better how good it is. There are many shows across many networks that from the ads the breadth of entertainment does not come across well.

  18. We have the lowest package there is on Dish network and are paying $67 a month, now they want to charge more for discovery+, this is ridiculously high, at a time when America is already struggling, more people at home than ever. Come on Networks. Do better

  19. Not only will I not subscribe to Discovery+ I will not watch any “free” shows from the Discovery family. And I hope their advertisers realize what’s going on.

  20. I can see some people doing it. Discovery plus is all reality tv, which SVOD like Netflix, Hulu etc… don’t have a lot of. Sports and opinion news is keeping cable alive

  21. I would not mind paying extra for my favorite shows but it’s not on t v unless you add it every time you want it on the TV screen..The ads are ridiculous and you shouldn’t have to pay extra to get rid if them.When they decide to air the programs on discovery I will watch but not until then.We pay enough for cable with discovery etc included so why do we need to pay more for shows we already watch???Enough already.

  22. I’m having a hard time with Discovery+. Sometimes it crashes. At first it took a couple of times to sign up. It’s frustrating when you streaming and then boom crash.

  23. The only show I watch, “the dead files” on travel channel now require a subscription to BOTH comcast AND disney +. It was included on xfinity. Now you must PAY comcast and verizon. No thanks.

  24. Love my discovery app I have the no commercial version and we love it and find the price very fair for all the programs provided

  25. All these shows moving to Discovery+ to line their pockets is BS! Plain and simple. You want talk about greed? I can live without the shows I used to love. Refuse to pay any more money for TV. Plenty of other things to watch.

  26. What a rip-off. Whomever in charge scanned the shows we normally watch & pay for either cable or satellite then took those shows & put them on Discovery + so we therefore have to pay more money to watch what we use to enjoy on our cable or satellite

  27. Discovery is double dipping…ad revenue from their regular programs which we already pay for thru cable charges, which they get a cut of, but now, again, the same double dipping with a streaming “service” for which we pay. And we keep going back for more.

  28. Having come back to TiVo after a few years away, I’m more convinced than ever that it’s by far the best way to watch TV (with the one exception of outright buying complete series if the price is reasonable). While I’ve succumbed to streaming services for some things unavailable by other means, I’ve seen nothing to change my mind that streaming is actually nothing more than a way for bundlers to take back control of your viewing experience.

  29. I’m there too. All I see is praise for the Discovery+ product. Thought I might be the only disappointed consumer.

  30. Discovery + is one of the most greedy enterprises I’ve seen in a long time. On my cable TV service, all Discovery channels are bombarded with pop-up type ads that cover more than 1/4 of the screen-except these pop-ups are permanently on the screen. Also, all Discovery shows on cable TV are re-runs. The advertising is so intrusive with the pop-ups and interruptions every 3 minutes with 5 minutes of Discovery + ads is infuriating. I’m done with my cable TV and definitely would never buy Discovery + streaming service. The FCC needs to intervene and stop these aggressive advertising tactics from Discovery +.

  31. I bought an antennae for 30 dollars at Walmart and get 1,300 hundred stations. Local channels,Along with old and new movies stations, sport stations for sport fans, cooking shows for the food enthusiasts. One of the better buys for one time payment for total cost of the antennas and USBall under $35.00

  32. I have discovery plus and I am mostly unsatisfied. I got it to watch id channel shows and most shows only have 1 or 2 of the total seasons

  33. The ad free is in reference to discovery+. The article itself is discussing the non ending advertise by discovery+ on regular cable channels to subscribe to discovery+, which in my opinion is annoying, and should not be allowed .

  34. Yes, I totally agree ! I purchased DISH , but pretty much to watch Discovery Network and History shows. Now, I don’t know if it’s a breach of contract or not, but, Yes, you still get Discovery network shows on Dish, but, since starting up D+, they won’t show any of the new episodes ! Like, burning the book when you’re only half way through it! Real “class-act”, that Discovery network ! NOT !

  35. All of the + channels infuriate me. Pay for what you used to get. Forget it. Also the 50 commercials they have every 15 minutes are ridiculous!!

  36. What really annoys me is that I have the ad free subscription to Discovery plus. I pay my $6.99 a month, with tax close to $8 and while I’m watching it the commercials in live shows are advertising Discovery plus. Not only that, but when I first opened the app, there are always big banners and advertisements trying to entice me to upgrade to the ad free version. I had the ad free version since day one. For a $2 difference it’s worth it for me to not have the ads but yet they exist I guess banners and icons and little pop-ups aren’t considered true ads. Wtf I’m paying for a discovery plus ad free package and while watching it I get commercials for the Discovery plus ad free option

  37. Does anyone with a brain understand that this is EXACTLY what cable was in the 70’s?! The big white horse that rode into (some) towns to eradicate commercial tv with it’s totally commercial platform at a modest fee. Listen up Snowflakes and read some history…or you’re doomed to repeat it. Streaming will consolidate and be owned by all the same big players in tv currently and the steam fees with he on par as pay tv or satcasters . It’s about shareholder value: “free” tvOS Pluto will be bought up for its subscriber list. Then it’s free part will be lost. Smh, it’s all about the big broadcasters who pull the strings.

  38. Before the advent of cable, there were TV Stations over the air. Then came cable with the promise of ad free TV. People switched from TV Stations to cable..

    Once tsubscribers forget the original lure, ads began on cable, and continue to this day.

    Then came Satellite, with the same lure, and same fate.

    Now a days, they do it backwards, you can watch free streaming, of limited content, or as Ad Free with a large selection as a paid service. Once they get established, then limited free Ad filled streaming disappears.

    It seems that the trend, now, is to launch a new streaming channel by advertising on existing media, be it Satellite, or Cable.

  39. We had the same conversation (after looking at the content available “So why are we paying for this if we can just record more recent shows?”). So we cancelled Discovery+. I completed the exit survey and voiced our opinion on the content and received a response that they can’t show recent shows due to current contracts. Just isn’t for us in this state.

  40. It would be worth it if I could watch it on my TV. If I watch on my computer, it’s fine. If I watch it on my TV, it freezes and glitches, which is something Disney+ does not do. They kind of hold their viewers hostage, though, by only airing new episodes online. I
    So one can either stop watching their favorite shows or pay for the streaming. Pretty dirty.

  41. It’s all a scam. Rerun after rerun after rerun. Commercial after commercial after commercial. I’m dumping cable completely and maybe check into streaming. It’s just not worth my money anymore.

  42. I am almost done watching any Discovery channels due to this push to get Discovery +. I am starting not to enjoy it. I already pay extra to get the tier that includes Discovery! I am only taping the shows on their network to avoid the ads. We’re in a pandemic, no one has extra for you DISCOVERY!!!

  43. This streaming stuff is crap! Especially discovery plus. At least the other platfoms keep their shows on tv instead of taking them completely away from cable. I watch ID more than anything and now everything went to streaming. I wouldnt be so against it if they left the shows on cable and made it available to stream for people without cable. Oh but thats the plan more money. Its just greed.

  44. That’s what I said too about them taking everything off cable.

    Not everyone prefers streaming or wants to stream or can afford another service, etc. Lovely that streaming works for some, but it shouldn’t be the only thing available.

    And, again, the app is terrible. Can barely watch it on my TV, and I’m not big on watching on smaller devices or my computer. Maybe they’ll come up with something better.

  45. Agreed theres one tv in the house that even do streaming and i refuse to watch tv on my phone especially when we pay $90 a month for cable. Im disabled so extra money for what should be and has been normal cable programs is out out of the question. Even a lot of the shows on demand have been taken off except for like an episode or two. I hate it and wish there was something that could be done abt it.

  46. I will NOT !, subscribe to “dysfunctional +, just on general principles ! They have never cared what the customer thinks! Sooner or later, someone will come up with a streaming service and will have their stuff together!

  47. Cool to see so much interest in this topic! But I did want to point out that I’m pruning comments – those that are off-topic, impolite, don’t understand the premise of the article (my pricey cable subscription has been compromised by unrelenting ad overlays for a lesser service), etc are being removed.

  48. They are overcharging us they so you’re getting there about snuck commercials in one at a time they raise the price when you least expect it and they charge for different kinds of service charges and don’t explain

  49. I refuse to pay for shows I’ve watched for years on my paid cable. Discovery+ should take lessons from Peacock. Their service is free for cable subscribers.

  50. I wish it was I did a trial of the Disney package and had such issues and there was nothing on there to watch there were only two shows or three for the cooking

  51. I called my cable company Cox Communications and asked why I am seeing the discovery+ network still showing it’s adds on the regular discovery net that I already am paying for, and said they already started that new streaming service on January 4th and you’re still seeing their ads up in the corner of your TV all day. I then asked how to get rid of the nuisance,I’m already paying for regular Discovery and watching regular discovery I should not be still seeing that commercials plus they’re streaming service already started and I was told the only way for you to get rid of the nuisance is to pay for the discovery Plus network and that is final otherwise you’re going to be permanently watching it going to be seeing this. I made my mind up and I’m already set to cut the cord and will be doing that this week. it’s not just Discovery it’s also your cable networks that are allowing this to happen remember that.

  52. I pay over $250 a month for Direct TV… Now I’m suppose to buy streaming services left and right?.. What Discovery is doing should be out right illegal.. ID and the rest of their cable channels have been nothing but reruns since they started cramming Discovery + commercials down your throat.. “new content on plus”.. Total BS!

  53. Dude, you dun be crazy! Discovery+ is awesome, but I watch primarily their shows anyways. I get it for free with my Verizon account, but the second that is over, I’ll be dropping Hulu and rotating it in as a permanent streamer. I am on it every day unlike my other streamers with maybe the exception of Netflix. As soon as one of the shows I subscribe to on Philo is done, I’ll be able to rotate Philo saving me even more money because D+ adds to the shows that aired on cable the next day. My understanding is that at some time they will be adding a 24 hour live stream. Probably the best streaming value I’ve come across in a long time and the numbers that just came out prove I’m not the only one who thinks that.

  54. I was trying to find the lineup for it and had to go to Reddit to find it at

    What I don’t like is I watch Dr. Pimple Popper and after 5 episodes they decided to move it to the streaming channel almost forcing me to get it if I want to see it. I looked at the lineup & it has a lot of stuff on it. Unfortunately, a lot of the content I didn’t watch when I didn’t have to pay for it, so I agree with writer on Discovery’s purpose.

  55. Oh its more than just pimple popper that is no longer available on cable. Theres slews of shows, and all shows ive watched for yrs. Dead files is in their 13th season and ive watched every single episode. Thats just an example…. Theres sooo many shows lost. Its just greedy and pathetic. Only streaming platform that actually took regular shows off cable, all the others just have streaming as an option if you dnt have cable. Bravo to those streaming platforms, they got it right. Shame on discovery. Soooo sick of the commercials for it too. Its infuriating!!!

  56. It’s a shame that all the discovery programs are going to discovery plus. In this time of a pandemic and people not being able to afford 4.99 a month we will give up some of our favorite shows – property bros, kenda ect. Discovery needs to make more money off us? Thanks.

  57. I watch a lot of Discovery channels, but I will not be subscribing to Discovery+. Has it occurred to the folks at Discovery that not everybody has the desire or the ability to stream? Older people, who are already paying for cable, want to sit in their chair and press a couple buttons on the remote, not log on to a device and download/stream something.

    Add to that the fact that they are flooding their current cable shows (i.e., reruns) with ads for Discovery+ telling us what we’re missing… on the cable TV I’m already paying for, which they are ruining with their relentless advertisements for paid programming that I no longer can get on the cable service that I pay for. During a pandemic when people are stuck at home and possibly struggling financially. Ack! Goodbye, Discovery. Hope you make tons more money!

  58. Two channels I get from DIRECTV are Travel and Discovery . Both of them are getting Discovery plus bugs getting smeared across the content that I pay for. Funny thing is they miraculously disappear during commercials. I guess I know who is on top of the pecking
    order and it ain’t customers. I will never subscribe to Discovery plus.

  59. Among the channels I get from DIRECTV are Science, Travel, and Discovery . All of them are getting Discovery plus bugs getting smeared across the content that I pay for. Funny thing is they miraculously disappear during commercials. I guess I know who is on top of the pecking order and it ain’t customers. I also have an additional concern. My type of tv is susceptible to burn in and bugs like these are a major cause. I will never subscribe to Discovery plus.

  60. This Discovery Plus pandemonium is horrific! I think that our local state representative should be contacted to file complaints. For one thing, it’s senior abuse to force us to learn streaming on devices. We want to have Discovery Plus on our tv at home!!

  61. The discovery channel people just suck they leave the people that have been paying cable with repeats so they can put the new programming on.there streaming service what about people who dont have computers or computer no how or the extra money to pay greedy people always get theirs and so will you discovery channel big wigs go jump in a lake hopefully one with a monster in it like loch ness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Oh how i agree. I’m so sick of their discovery commercials i could just scream. Enuf is enuf already. I’m not paying an extra dime.

  63. Write your Attorney General in your state. Just look up Attorney General Complaints
    N.Y.(example) my state Ct. has a complaint form to fill out and send. My complaint is Comcast is still charging the same fees they were before Discovery left taking all their
    Channels and their many shows I loved to watch. I’m 70 yrs. old. I guess I’m old fashion but I like to view my tv on a good old television and I’m not about to pay for streaming( although I have a feeling that’s the way tv will eventually go.) This post is mainly about being charged for the things we are not getting anymore so we should be getting refunds.

  64. ITs really annoying that they are making spin offs of your other favorite shows on Discovery Plus that you already get with Discovery. However to watch them you need to have Discovery plus. Gold Rush as just an example. Whether you like that show or not its a huge series and just an example. Some new spin offs are only coming out on Discovery Plus. I would like to see those shows but don’t want to pay when I already get the other channels they offer. So I will just miss them, and may actually lose interest in the other ones, just because the adds for Discovery Plus are out of control.

  65. I enjoy the true crime shows on ID but I’m about to stop watching the station because of the barrage of Discovery+ commercials! Enough already! When I stop watching the ID cable channel, I’m not paying for Discovery+!
    One commercial every once in a while is not overbearing, but 3-4 every commercial break us unbearable. If we want to pay for Discovery+ we would not be watching ID.

  66. I am sick of the pop-up advertising covering up the show I am watching. It is distracting and annoying, I do not want to or will I ever stream any of your programs

  67. I hope Douchebag Plus goes out of business. They are sickening. They are violating my right to watch programs I like by constantly popping up those obnoxious ads. I pay for my cable service and should be allowed to watch the shows I like without that crap constantly popping up on the screen. They are a DISGRACE!

  68. Bombarded by Discovery Plus Ads while watching Investigation ID!!! STOP!!!! $4.99 per month for crap? NO!!!!! You people create a channel by withholding content from channels I already have. You get a cable package and it’s never enough. Money, money, money!! There are necessities in life people need to pay for in these trying times. Frivolous nonsense is not one of them. Stop pushing it!

  69. I contacted the FCC and griped about Dis+ they said it was out of their hands! WHAT???? They referred me to another Fed agency and I complied. That was 3 weeks ago and I haven’t heard a word. Guess who’s running the show? It is extortion plain and simple!

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