Arlo Chime 2: Unchained Melody

I opened the Arlo app for the first time in months, as a former customer, and discovered the ability to add the unannounced, unreleased Arlo Chime 2 to my account. Aside from a slight visual refresh, what seems to really set this Arlo video doorbell accessory apart from the original are its musical capabilities — i.e. the ability to “play a customizable melody” In fact, digging deeper into the Arlo app, we discover its audio-inspired “lyrebird” product codename.

Given current Arlo Chime sale pricing (Amazon) and depleted stock (Best Buy), I think it’s pretty safe to assume this is a replacement model… that will be available real, real soon.

3 thoughts on “Arlo Chime 2: Unchained Melody”

  1. It’s funny to see this, I too had opened the app to install a chime I’d bought on sale and noted the Chime 2. Googled around for information and found none…. already returned the Chime I’d bought and will wait…

  2. The Arlo Chime 2 (AC2001) does connect via home Wi-Fi only not via the Smart Hub like the previous Chime (AC1001).

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