$100 off Ring Video Doorbell 3

Amazon’s Black Friday deals have begun. Again. In earnest, this time. And the video doorbell I recommend, due to its functionality and versatility along with reasonable pricing, sees deep a discount. The $200 Ring Video Doorbell 3 drops to $140 via standard ordering. While that’s a solid deal, you can get the very same Ring 3 via Alexa voice ordering for all of $100 – half off! But you have to act quick, because these voice deals don’t last.

Those without Echo hardware can also partake in the Ring deal by using the Alexa app on any smartphone. Also, be sure to budget $3/mo for Ring service. And for an extra $12, you can replace the silver faceplate with the architecturally-matched color of your choosing.

4 thoughts on “$100 off Ring Video Doorbell 3”

  1. How does the Alexa voice ordering work? I tried it and all it does is open the Ring doorbell 3 in the Amazon app and it’s $139 not $99

  2. You have to literally say “Alexa, order the ring video doorbell 3”, or you can say “Alexa, tell me your deals”. You use the Alexa function within the Echo app, not just open up the page through the Amazon app.

  3. I did exactly this with the iPhone Alexa app and also in the Amazon app on iPhone and it does not work. The only other Alexa devices I have are Sonos beam soundbars.

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