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Wyze To Water Your Lawn

When I was first tipped off to the Wyze Sprinkler months ago (app shot below), I had envisioned something akin to the Eve – which brings HomeKit smarts to a spigot. However, as everyone’s favorite ADD importer has moved forward, it’s become clear the company intends undercut the highly regarded Rachio with a multizone sprinkler controller.

Wyze’s in-ground sprinkler controller passed through the FCC a little while ago with a variety of images and the user manual, as you can see.

Wyze Sprinkler is an 8-station controller. Each station is connected to a sprinkler valve. The specific valve turns on when it receives a signal from the controller, and then the sprinkler will start watering. When the watering task is finished, the controller will shut off the valve and turn on the next one in sequence.

While there’s no indication on pricing or timing, the company clearly doesn’t see it as splashy as some of their other upcoming products given the radio silence. Then again, sources indicate the company evaluates tons of product – many of which won’t make it to market. But this deep into ecosystem integration and the regulatory process, I suspect the Wyze Sprinkler remains ‘a go.’

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  • I like my Wyze cameras for their pricing and ease of use. But, I can't see changing from my Rachio that has been rock solid for 5+ years now and when I did have one issue they replaced it with no issue (their firmware update bricked it, so they sent me a newer model).

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