Ring Links Chamberlain MyQ & Moen Flo

For reasons that aren’t yet entirely clear (to me, anyway), the Ring app now provides tiles to launch the Moen Flo and Chamberlain MyQ apps alongside existing and fully integrated 3rd party smart locks.

Interestingly, Moen recently defected from the IFTTT platform and MyQ is an outlier when it comes to Alexa support – their absence has been maddening. Perhaps this foreshadows a positive change and we’ll soon see some new garage door (and plumbing) integrations.

Speaking of positive change, that Ring app carousel can now be customized… to drop Neighbors. You can’t kill the service, but it’s no longer taking up screen real estate. Anyhow, you may or may not see these updates immediately as Ring frequently staggers the rollout of app functionality, irrespective of version number.

(Thanks Mitch!)

4 thoughts on “Ring Links Chamberlain MyQ & Moen Flo”

  1. While Chamberlain/Liftmaster integration is nice, they are yet another vendor who forces you into an annual paid account to provide that connectivity. So I stay with their app and forgo that integration.

  2. Sometime within the last month I tried to integrate something else (don’t remember what, Alexa? Google?) and it said something to the effect there was a limited time deferral/free trial. So stopped the process. Don’t need the try it, like it, buy it approach. Not gonna buy it.

  3. There is no longer a subscription for MyQ. The app will readily associate with Ring Alarm’s app and the Chamberlain Garage Hub shows up as a device on the Alexa app. Through the Ring App, you can hit a tile (which tells you the door status) on the dashboard that will open up the MyQ app and give you full functionality.
    No monthly fees!

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