Echo Show 8 Down To $90

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The Amazon Echo Show 8 was already $30 off this week, but has dropped another $10 today – bringing it down to a fairly comfortable $90. While I can’t recommend the smaller and under-powered Echo Show 5 (down to $60 today), the 8 strikes a good balance of size and performance given cost.

Of course, the Show is both an Alexa speaker and microphone array, to handle a variety of queries and music playback. But adding a display enables all sorts of visuals, such as expanded weather reports, integration with Ring video doorbells/cameras, and Prime video. I generally prefer Nest Home, due to Google Photos integration along with superior album presentation and without incessant tips. But those deeply ensconced within Amazon’s smart home embrace will find lots to like from the deeply discounted Show 8.

3 thoughts on “Echo Show 8 Down To $90”

  1. I got the Nest Home believing (but not researching) that it would be like an Android tablet. It is NOT! There is
    no normal browser. After that experience I don’t believe the Echo Show is like the Fire Tablet.

  2. Correct. Neither have access to like a full app store with full apps. No browser either. It’s a streamlined, voice first experience – think souped up Echo Dot or Nest Mini. HOWEVER the new Fire 8 tablet with dock handles both scenarios. Wonder if I’ll end up getting something like that for my daughter.

  3. I’m pretty happy with the Fire HD 8 with Show Mode dock. The Echo Show 5 is pretty much what I expected it to be… minimalist. Maybe I’ll upgrade to the Show 8 someday.

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