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Deal Alert: Ring Video Doorbell 3 + Echo Dot @ $150

The all-new Ring Video Doorbell 3 is $50 off today and comes bundled with a free Echo Dot 3, for a total of $150.

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  • Ohhh. That explains why there's an $80 difference in price between the 3 and the 3 Plus. It's just today.

    Is the 3 Plus worth $80 extra? Or do I wait until tomorrow when the difference is only $30 again? ;-)

    • Main benefit of the Plus is that the capture starts earlier with some stitched together B&W video. Depends how important those 2-3s of recording is to you.

  • Right, I'm aware of the 4-second black-and-white preroll feature. Thought that might be worthwhile, but it probably isn't $80 worthwhile, right?

    Also your notify-of-followup-comments still ain't working! Any way to fix?

    • Check your spam folder? Although WordPress chron jobs can be unreliable and my host does some caching that periodically interferes with things. I don’t think the feature is worth $80. 3+Dot @ $150 is pretty darn nice.

  • Nothing in the spam folder. I do see two "Subscribe to comments on..." confirmation e-mails from your site from 2012, but nothing since. :-)

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