5 thoughts on “Deal Alert: Ring Video Doorbell 3 + Echo Dot @ $150”

  1. Ohhh. That explains why there’s an $80 difference in price between the 3 and the 3 Plus. It’s just today.

    Is the 3 Plus worth $80 extra? Or do I wait until tomorrow when the difference is only $30 again? ;-)

  2. Main benefit of the Plus is that the capture starts earlier with some stitched together B&W video. Depends how important those 2-3s of recording is to you.

  3. Right, I’m aware of the 4-second black-and-white preroll feature. Thought that might be worthwhile, but it probably isn’t $80 worthwhile, right?

    Also your notify-of-followup-comments still ain’t working! Any way to fix?

  4. Check your spam folder? Although WordPress chron jobs can be unreliable and my host does some caching that periodically interferes with things. I don’t think the feature is worth $80. 3+Dot @ $150 is pretty darn nice.

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