Eufy Smart Lock Hits Amazon

The Eufy Smart Lock Amazon link has just become public and, while we don’t yet know the price nor can we make a purchase, all else has seemingly been revealed.

Many smart locks, like August, only require replacement of the inside portion of a lock for a simpler install and allowing you to keep a prized tumbler or universal key, whereas the Eufy replaces both sides, with provided deadbolt and key. However, the features will outweigh the downsides for most is my guess.

While some smart locks feature a keypad, like Yale, this attractive Eufy lock also includes a fingerprint reader and hidden key option. For me, a mechanical backup is priceless. Well, maybe not quite priceless, as the rumored cost will be $250. Anker’s smarthome line is generally known for aggressive pricing, so this would be something of a departure. Although it also appears to provide a lot of bang for the buck.

The Eufy Smart lock requires four AAA batteries, that the company expects will provide 12 months of service, and can operate in extreme temperatures (-22°F to 158°F) with an IP65 rating and total lifespan of supposedly 250,000 engagements. No mention yet of Alexa, Google, or Apple HomeKit and Siri support.

6 thoughts on “Eufy Smart Lock Hits Amazon”

  1. $180 is way more palatable that the $250 floating around their community forum today. Given that article, seems like there’s been a delay of some sort. Hopefully it’ll be available soon.

  2. Is there any way to remote unlock this? It appears to be bluetooth only. I’d really like to be able to unlock the door when I’m more than 30 feet away.

  3. For a “smart” lock the lack of integration with ITTT, HK, Home, etc makes it a complete deal breaker. Bootooth only and yet no automation?

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