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New Sonos Soundbar In The Flesh!

While branding remains in question (is it the 2020 Playbar, Arc, or Apollo?), there’s no question Sonos is posed to release a brand-spanking new soundbar – likely with Dolby Atmos upwards firing speakers. And, fortunately, it looks far more beautiful than the renders I originally posted. A single HDMI ARC input is confirmed, like its little brother the Beam.

Based on a reddit leak, it appears pre-orders may begin as soon as today, shipping in early June… along with a possible slight bump in price (for way more capabilities) vs the 2013 Sonos Playbar it presumably replaces.

(Thanks anonymous tipster!)

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  • Does any Dolby encoding (5.1 or Atmos) actually work for anyone over HDMI ARC? It’s a pretty well-documented problem. I get huge lip sync issues with my LG OLED TV and my Vizio Atmos sound bar. The only way I can get the delay to go away is by using 2-channel audio.

    Apparently eARC is supposed to be better... but not very many TVs have that. That’s a pretty small piece of the pie to hang your only sound input on.

  • Sounds like it should include a optical-to-HDMI dongle, like the Beam. I, too, have had ARC audio delay issues - feel like the problem is my (2019) television, but the end result is the same irrespective of where the technical breakdown arises.

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