Roku Repackages Its Wireless Speakers for 2020

Amazon has just dropped the dime on a new pair of Roku wireless speakers.

Dimensions remain the same, but there is at least one stylistic change in excising v1’s unsightly top dimple. Further. the streaming pioneer no longer bundles the funky table-top remote and highly redundant TV streamer remote. Based on the slight model number increment, I’m not expecting any dramatic enhancements. And, as with Roku’s first foray in 2018, this pair can be used to provide stereo sound to one’s Roku television… or as rear channels, when mated to the Roku soundbar.

The first gen had a rather lofty MSRP of $200, but given some decent soundbars at this price point, I expect the 2020 Roku Wireless Speakers will clock in significantly less given the landscape and by dropping the accessories.

3 thoughts on “Roku Repackages Its Wireless Speakers for 2020”

  1. Mind blown. That original dimple may have actually served a purpose, beyond collecting dust… as I just saw a photo of the tabletop remote resting in it!

    (I really, really wish I could get Channels DVR on Roku.)

  2. I really want these to come in at a good price point. I have a Roku TV in the bedroom with a Bluetooth transmitter. I use that to send the sound to an Echo on the nightstand. I have to turn the TV volume to 100% and the Echo volume up high as well. The worse part is the 1 second delay.

  3. It’d be really sweet to have these with Google Assistant integrated. But that’ll be just a pipe dream, I’m sure ?

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