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New Apple TV Revealed by Target

By way of 9to5Mac, we now know a new Apple TV is en route. According to Target’s inventory system, anyhow. Last updated about 2.5 years ago, the streamer is probably due for a refresh. And, while not the most powerful version, my 1080p aTV struggles with Apple Arcade — so a processor bump seems like a reasonable assumption.

Assuming the single SKU sticks and at the $180 price point, I could see Apple shrinking the product line to one lower-end model and a newer, more powerful set-top. Sadly, at this dollar amount, I can’t see them doing away with the dastardly touchpad remote that partially led me to the NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro and others to a One For All Streamer remote replacement (pictured up top). And remember: at the lowest-end, in terms of price not performance, an Apple TV app is now available for Fire TV and Roku… which ship with more accessible remotes.

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  • I really hope they get rid of that dumb*** remote. After I installed our Apple TV a couple of months ago, my wife nearly threw the remote at me. I uninstalled the Apple TV until I got a replacement remote. There is now peace in our house.

  • I almost bought a new Apple TV recently, so glad I waited... I, too, hope we get a better remote. I don’t mind the touchpad in theory, just in execution. It’s horribly inconsistent and overly sensitive (even though it is turned way down).

    I’ll keep my eye on this one...

  • I’ve owned several Apple TV’s and that remote is so horrific. Apple had an awesome platform to compete with small game systems except they made game developers have to make that remote work. What a stupid decision and the Apple TV has never been what it could have been because of that remote.

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