Eufy Battery Video Doorbell First Look

Eufy’s highly regarded video doorbell has just been joined by a new battery-powered version.

As with the existing wired doorbell, the new model exceeds Ring (on paper) with 2K video resolution. Further, there is no cloud storage to contend with in terms of additional fees or privacy concerns. However, whereas the original Eufy stores 4GB of recordings within the doorbell itself, the new model relocates and expands storage to 16GB within a bundled hub that also serves double duty as a digital chime. And that Hub might also make it a more likely candidate for Apple HomeKit support. Not to mention, it’ll host additional Eufy home cameras.

Our very own Adam Miarka (and his four year old son) unbox below:

In therms of other hardware differences, the Eufy Wired Doorbell has a width of 1.65″ vs the Eufy Battery Doorbell’s 2.13″ which may limit installation options. Having said that, it’s still narrower than the battery-powered Ring 2 that clocks in at 2.5″.

Most interestingly, the Eufy Battery Video Doorbell actually supports dual power options. Yes, you can hardwire it, too! But, unlike the original wired doorbell, this new model will officially operation your existing mechanical doorbell chime when hardwired. On the flip side, I suspect they’re utilizing Ring’s trickle charge approach vs constant, direct power given fewer display/recording options in relation to image AI and capturing earlier motion.

The new Eufy Battery Video Doorbell retails for $200 but, like most Anker products, will frequently be available on sale … as it is now, for all of $150, using code EUFYDB22.

6 thoughts on “Eufy Battery Video Doorbell First Look”

  1. Need a test of the Amcrest model now that it is going to support Synology’s Surveillance Station. I have been holding off for a wired model that supports Synology and supposedly the Amcrest’s doorbell will in the new version.

  2. Avi, both the battery doorbell and the stand along Eufycam 2 and 2c cameras have built in batteries. You can’t swap them. For the battery doorbell and Eufycam 2c, Eufy is stating about a 6 month battery life per charge. For the Eufycam 2, 1 year.

  3. Thanks. I will stick with Ring 2 until they make a swappable one. Found the need to take down my whole doorbell very annoying and time consuming.

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