Decent TiVo Savings This Weekend

While I’m drawing down TiVo, for those of you who remain fully ensconced within their ecosystem, the DVR pioneer is promoting two pretty decent accessory deals for Presidents Day.

What caught my eye first is the new TiVo Lux remote for all of $40. This is an economical way to bring voice capabilities (and backlighting!) to older Roamio models running Hydra. Of course, it also makes a nice upgrade or replacement for Bolt and Edge owners too — once upon a time, we rocked a TiVo remote on each nightstand. The promo supposedly includes free shipping, but that remains an open question… that could change the math and appeal.

TiVo has yet to release a wireless DVR extender, but they did recently introduce a nice, effective WiFi adapter a few months back. Whereas the TiVo dongle generally runs $60 on its own, they’re bundling it with a discounted 4K TiVo Mini Vox for $150 total — $90 off the pair, as the cute marketing graphic shows.

6 thoughts on “Decent TiVo Savings This Weekend”

  1. Damn. Never heard back from Ted on Twitter, but they dropped the “free shipping” text from the remote promo. So it’s no longer a deal. Like Michael says, if you have a need and don’t mind MSRP just get from Amazon for $50 shipped.

  2. Will probably give away a couple things on the site and may sell a TiVo Mini v1.5 (original design, but RF remote). Hanging onto my lifetimed 6-tuner cable Roamio for blog purposes. Assuming my wife and kid stay good with the plan, anyway. :)

  3. do i miss tivo?

    I’m in the process of switching. Have two houses, and one is completely amazon firestick/huluTV/Netflix/HBO, the other is lifetime tivo roamio. When the cable contract runs out on the tivo house, i’m all done with tivo. I will miss the broadcast tv/dvr capability of the tivo. But, I much prefer the streaming services content, and frankly tivo is horrible at managing streaming services. My view is that this is the end of broadcast tv/dvr, and its only a matter of time until we all go to streaming services. The costs of streaming services are manageble and sharable….and the cable companies are just horrible to deal with. So, in short, I’m not going to look back after making the switch.

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