TiVo Enables iPhone Cellular Streaming

Our long national nightmare has come to an end, as TiVo FINALLY enabled iOS cellular streaming this week…. seven years after release. As the story goes, Apple has (had?) some sort of requirement that developers offer a low bandwidth streaming option to preserve data. And apparently addressing that wasn’t a priority for TiVo. In any event, the service shortcoming has been rectified and TiVo owners can now stream live or recorded video over via their mobile providers.

The existing WiFi TiVo streaming caveats apply to cellular connectivity in that it’s all a bit kludgey and mobile commercial skip remains MIA. Then again, pre-roll advertising is also mercifully absent. But, speaking of absent, where the heck are the promised set-top clients that were to utilize this same MPEG4 streaming technology. CES is just weeks away… and TiVo better have some good news to share.

10 thoughts on “TiVo Enables iPhone Cellular Streaming”

  1. This is great news! Often when on a trip and trying to stream a game from my TiVo (if it isn’t on the local programming, but on my TV), the crummy hotel Wi-Fi doesn’t always allow for great streaming performance. Hopefully 4G will be better!

  2. Typical TiVo. A clown company that just hacks things together. This is the reason I gave up on them and switched to Youtube TV. I can stream anywhere, including on my phone with cellular data. I was doing this 2 years ago. I can’t believe they are still in business.

  3. I would be shocked (albeit happy) if they released the set top client apps.

    That said, I do expect the Android OS dongle stick to be their answer to that so they appease their MSO/IPTV industry customers with a co-branded approach and answer to access other android TV based apps.

  4. This release of TiVo for the iPad is incredibly buggy. I download videos to watch offline during my lunch hour. Sometimes when I download, it aborts right away with the red exclamation point and the download will not restart and cannot be removed (I generally uninstall and reinstall). Other times, it will download, but will not play (“Can’t Play Show – You cannot play a show copied from an external device”).

    It works fine on my Android Pixel 4XL but the screen is a little small for my tastes.

    Thankfully Hulu and CBS All Access allow me to download on the iPad. I can also D/L from my Tablo and watch with VLC (work in progress).

    Two Roamio OTA and a Roamio for Cable (just acting as storage for now as I cut the cord).

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