Apple HomeKit Secure Video Nears Launch

Announced back at WWDC, HomeKit Secure Video is Apple’s answer to recording and storing encrypted video from network cameras around your home. The Apple feature locally processes video via an iPad, Apple TV or HomePod to identify a person, vehicle or animal, with the encrypted contents being sent to iCloud for storage and remote access.

Now, according to a post on Reddit, it looks like HomeKit Secure Video is getting closer to launch. This is the first time I recall seeing what the recording UI looks like. And, from the screenshot, the date of the recording is kindly overlaid up top with video ID tags displayed along the bottom to quickly jump to specific recordings.

The recent beta release of 13.2 prompted users to to enable HomeKit Secure Video, but that also requires an update to your camera’s firmware to take advantage of these new features. At WWDC, Apple had a slide which indicated Netatmo, Eufy Security, and Logitech would be some of the first companies to take advantage of HomeKit Secure Video.

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