The TiVo Edge Is Hiding In Plain Sight

By way of the official TiVo Twitter account, we receive confirmation from CEDIA that my TiVo Edge product packaging is legit and it seems likely the company intends a fall release of refreshed retail hardware. I, mean, the product team is standing directly in front of three Edge logos. Yeah, the words may be partially obscured, but it’s clear as day.

Intel and whispers that’ve come my way indicate we’re looking at beefier processing power with improved heat dissipation over the Bolt, across all three TiVo Edge models – one for cable customers, and two targeting cord cutters. Not to mention the marketing materials clearly outline support for Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision HDR.

While TiVo has yet to announce anything publicly about the Edge, they’ve launched a Coming Soon page… that seemingly promotes the DVR along with an email signup form.

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  1. Yes, yes, I know about the other thing. It’s David Shoop’s not so secret project that carries on, despite his departure for Amazon. Getting my ducks in a row and trying to land some associated imagery before publishing.

  2. I always wish they timed the release of a new tivo in time for the new football season or at least for the start of the new fall tv shows.

  3. After 6 generations of Tivos, why would “processing power and cooling” had been issues on the Bolt? The Tivo Premiere had the most abysmal CPU processing of all.

  4. Processing power is not a problem for the Bolt. However, Edge is even snappier. Processors improve year to year and the Bolt is nearly four years old. Premiere was largely unpowered due to the Adobe software platform they originally chose for the HDUI and didn’t spec it properly.

  5. TiVO almost certainly is going to release the TiVO Edge in October at the announced TiVO Plus service event. And Dolby Vision HDR will now handled in hardware/SoC instead of software along with Dolby Atmos. What else hardware-wise can TiVO add?

    Now if only the hard drive industry could spend a little less time on SSD’s and a little more on making larger 24×7 Audio/Video 2.5” hard drives. Hopefully the thriving security surveillance market will help in getting a 4TB 2.5” HDD to market soon.

  6. Are they going to put a bunch of new streaming apps to compete with Roku Apple and Firestick? A newer faster TiVo won’t matter without about 30-40 more streaming apps. I’ve seen stories here of Android TV being added to a cable company’s TiVo but nothing for the existing platform or upcoming Edge

  7. Sadly Tivo’s dead app platform will likely continue on, with a couple apps updated to support the new Dolby features, unless Tivo Plus is much bigger news than anybody expects.

  8. Tivo certainly needs more apps, especially the ott live service apps. A cord-cutting dvr without the ott live tv apps is pretty stupid to be honest.

  9. Just guessing you don’t get 30 free channels over the air from an antenna in your window which is why some of us cut the cord.
    TiVo is an incredible box when you do.
    But you probably shouldn’t buy an OTA “over the air” DVR to record live TV if you don’t have an antenna at all, a Roku will do just fine then. But adding the live streaming packages like SlingTV or youtube tv and others would be a great addition with 30-40 of the most popular Roku apps.

  10. @Bryan10024 — SSDs are the direction of the future, but nobody is going to work on a 2.5″ 24×7 A/V drive because there really is no need for one. I don’t understand why TiVo is sticking with 2.5 when they should just go back to 3.5. Nobody in the A/V or surveillance market needs a 2.5 drive because the boxes sit in a corner somewhere if they are using a spinning platter. If they want to be small (like a camera they will go flash, but if you are taking about something for a network video recorder, I don’t think that customers will care about the difference in side between a box that holds a 2.5 vs. a 3.5.

  11. @Cb — exactly — why are they sticking with 2.5″ drives? Its a media device — the size savings from 2.5″ vs 3.5″ are not worth being stuck with small drives, plus, the extra size gives room for more ventilation.

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