More TiVo Plus Details Emerge

As revealed last week, TiVo is prepping a free, but likely ad-supported, video service called TiVo+. And, now, additional details have been provided by TiVo VP Ted Malone:

We are also investing to bring more content to TiVo users. Our soon to be launched TiVo+ video service will include dozens of channels of free entertainment. We have assembled an amazing set of partners as part of this service and will be evolving it in the coming months with many more channels, on-demand movies and shows and other exciting specialty content coming as well.

The feature is confirmed for TiVo units running Hydra, as pictured above, and may be the central feature of TiVo’s upcoming $50 Android TV streaming stick.

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  1. I’m trying to figure out if this more akin to SlingTV/Hulu + Live TV, or if it’s more like the Roku channel on Roku devices? Also, bundling it in with the sub fee already pay would make those controversial pre-roll ads a lot easier to swallow.

  2. This reminds me of what channel master did on the DVR+ years ago.. it was a flop. The reason? did not integrate non-linear info about the content in the DVR+ guide and there was no way to DVR the content. This made searching for anything very difficult. If TiVo can address these shortcomings then they may have a differentiator.

  3. This is what I always assumed Rovi would do with TiVo, use the brand for some sort of PlutoTV-like streaming service. Seems like an obvious fit.

    It clearly isn’t very difficult or expensive to license a lot of lowish-quality streaming content as even Plex managed to do it, and given Hulu’s strong push with their ad-supported service over their more expensive ad-free one I get the feeling that streaming video ads are actually selling pretty well.

  4. Will it be rolling out on MSO-provided boxes? RCN has all sorts of idiotic restrictions on content providers. Like no Amazon video on RCN TiVos, as just one example.

  5. Perhaps the content mix in TiVo+ will improve over time but a current beta tester tells me that it’s pretty much a nothing-burger right now. And keep in mind that TiVo already offers free ad-supported video apps like Tubi and Vudu (Movies on Us), not to mention YouTube. So unless TiVo does plan to integrate this content into the main Hydra UI — put live-streaming TiVo+ channels in the grid guide, put on-demand TiVo+ content in What to Watch, aggressively surface TiVo+ content in user searches — I can’t see it getting all that many views. We’ll see…

  6. Steve, TiVo builds all sorts of things. Cable partners like RCN can choose to deploy or not based on their business goals, licensing agreements, etc.

    NashGuy, yeah until/unless it’s integrated with or replaces What To Watch, there are so many others that do this, with a larger head start, on more broadly deployed platforms. Even my Vizio TV has licensed Pluto and an entire “input” on the TV is their free streaming stuff.

  7. Matt,

    Judging by the slow-to-load apps on my Roamio, TIVO+ probably won’t be much better.

    I use Fire and Roku over my Roamio.

    As far as content goes I doubt TIVO will provide anything original so I’m not worried I’ll be missing out on anything that isn’t already available elsewere, hence my opinion that at TIVO is late to the game.

    Anyone interested in streaming most likely are already invested in some other device.

  8. Sooo many streaming services. For those of you who are a little older like me, I can remember when there was at least 9 or 10 telephone companies, maybe more. To name a few, Att, bell south, bell atlantic, us west, vodaphone, Verizon, lucent,frontier, SBC. All coming or going at different times, merging being bought out and going who knows where.
    Reminding me of the current state we are in with cable and streaming. Eventually they will consolidate to stay alive. And you know that old saying….only the strong survive. So we shall see!

  9. “Will it be rolling out on MSO-provided boxes? RCN has all sorts of idiotic restrictions on content providers. Like no Amazon video on RCN TiVos, as just one example.”

    Ya might have to edit that in 30 or so day :)

  10. Based on the laggy, low quality streaming apps that have been released on the roamio box, my expectations are low for a streaming solution from TiVo. Still love my TiVo… Just not for their integrated apps. Esp the HBO Go app… My goodness that thing sucks.

  11. tivo producing new content? no way…

    this midget company is not going up against Amazon, Hulu, Disney, Warner Media, Comcast, Apple, or HBO..

    …..they might aggregate some stuff that’s already out there, but who cares. As for new content, they don’t have capital for even one new series….

  12. No doubt Bruce! Doesn’t that suck? TiVo had a 5 – 10 year head-start over amost everyone else – and look where they are now. Add a different CEO (from beginning) and nearly every cable provider would be pushing TiVo hardware… even now!

  13. Scott, it is sad….but they are a hardware company, and producing content isn’t in their DNA.

    Oh, I forgot to mention Netflix in the list of companies well-capitalized, who are seriously doing content.

    I know I sound negative on Tivo…I had two large Bolt/mini systems. I’ve recently sold one on ebay, and the next will be sold when my other cable contract expires in Dec…then I’m going firestick/netflix/huluTV/AmazonPrime for everything. The cost for 2 homes is about $70 per month, plus internet access….and all the content I need. The user interface is just ok, but its improving.

  14. To each his own I guess. Our watching habits demand not watching commercials.
    As we still watch broadcast TV we record everything before we watch. A small ad in front will not stop me from fast forwarding so I will certainly not cry about it. ( I am not saying anyone is crying about it). Or give up the best DVR around. And I really have no issues with streaming Amazon,YouTube or Netflix. Or Pandora and I heart. So as long as my Roamio works as it should , its a keeper.

  15. John, I completely agree…if you watch mostly broadcast tv and already have a tivo, no reason to change now. As you watch more streaming, or have multiple cable bills, you will find tivo much less compelling.

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