Exclusive: SimpliSafe Smart Lock

Well will ya look at that.

SimpliSafe continues to round out their fine DIY security system with a smart lock, that I’ll go ahead assume is slated for a fall release. Heck, it’s probably also a sure bet that it’d smartly integrate with the alarm and entirely remove the possibility of a doorway contact sensor false positive.

Whilst I continue to search for clues and bemoan Arlo’s home monitoring delay, let’s take a moment admire the SimpliSafe Smart Lock’s sleek appearance (which kinda resembles an August, but slimmer and taller) — the company has sure come a long way from their frumpy origins.

3 thoughts on “Exclusive: SimpliSafe Smart Lock”

  1. Simplisafe already uses August smart Lock integration with their alarm system .. it makes sense they designed one to look just like it. I only hope it is cheaper and doesn’t require a separate wifi hub wall plug to work.

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