TiVo Scores The World Cup In 4K Thanks To Verizon

Verizon has lit up 4K FiOS Fox Sports programming, in something of a test, on channel 1498 and 1499. NASCAR was first to air on FS1 4K a few weeks back and now we’ve got a month of the World Cup. As far as I can tell, any FiOS package that includes Fox Sports and running capable hardware should do the trick.

Of course, Verizon isn’t the only television provider dabbling in ultra HD. But this is the first 4K-on-TiVo mention I’m aware of. I can’t recall if linear 4K capabilities were present at Bolt launch, but dormant until content became available, or if it had been implemented over the intervening months. In any event, the stars have aligned and it’s all here now — both viewing and recording, clocking in a reasonable but rich ~21-23mbps according to one viewer.

5 thoughts on “TiVo Scores The World Cup In 4K Thanks To Verizon”

  1. Sorry, should have been more clear – was thinking retail TiVo hardware. I hear RCN is also testing 4K on TiVo, but assume it’s Arris hardware. For reference, Comcast is testing 4K but I believe it’s IPTV vs QAM and therefore not compatible with Bolt.

  2. That’s correct, I have the Arris 4K TiVo box from RCN, and they sent out a message regarding World Cup coverage on their 4K Events channel.

  3. I didn’t realize that any fiber providers were compatible with current TiVo hardware… anybody know about MetroNet?

  4. There’s a small TV provider in PA that’s been mentioned on TCF as having linear 4K channels that have been around for a while. So I don’t think Verizon is the first, but probably the first to put up a major event that a TiVo could record/decode.

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