Roku Channel Subscriptions Improved

Roku has streamlined access to Roku Channel video subscriptions with virtual app icons that deep link premium content.

The Roku Channel originally launched with ad-supported TV shows and movies, but was recently updated to resell premium libraries like HBO… as device manufacturers Amazon (Fire TV) and Roku continue generating the bulk of their revenue via advertising and subscriptions. Unfortunately, navigating the Roku Channel can be unwieldy, especially once premium subscriptions have been activated.

Now, instead of opening the Roku Channel and then fumbling around until you find your pay content, additional Roku Channel icons are added to your home screen, representing each premium subscription, as a viable shortcut. Once in the dedicated area of the app, as with the History Channel Vault shown below, hitting the Roku remote back button does return you to the primary Roku Channel interface — so this isn’t a new app, just a new way to get to a preferred app location.