Roku Wants To Sell You HBO

As we’re seeing from Apple and Amazon, Roku intends to generate incremental revenue and streamline the end-user experience by offering premium video subscriptions directly within their interface. Although, Roku’s not quite there yet and is directing folks into The Roku Channel app to seek out Premium Subscriptions… now featuring HBO, just in time for Game of Thrones to wrap up with Season 8.

Instead of accessing a separate HBO app, which is oh so horribly inefficient *wink*, all HBO content will be available directly within the The Roku Channel. Unfortunately, your $14.99 subscription may not extend beyond the Roku platform. However, that now includes iPhone, iPad, and Android Roku apps. So you have some decent options. Just not that Xbox in the other room.

Reports indicate the actual Roku homescreen could eventually look a lot more like The Roku Channel with all this content folded in (but hopefully somewhat better than Amazon’s ‘garbage Fire’ TV) — further improving efficiency and maximizing discoverability. In fact, to even see the updated Roku Channel that provides the premium video, your box or set will have to be upgraded from Roku OS 8 to Roku OS 9… as mine was this week.

2 thoughts on “Roku Wants To Sell You HBO”

  1. It would be infinitely better if Roku and Amazon would allow users access to each others services. The way things stand now, cordcutters will have to purchase 2 Roku TV’s and 2 Fire TV’s to access all the free streaming options they might want.

    Delaware County, PA

  2. How so? All my Amazon video content I can access from my Rokus and other devices. They have access to the same Amazon content that my FireTVs do.

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