Comcast Retires TiVo Xfinity On Demand

Welp, it’s time to pour one out for the Xfinity On-Demand services that will be removed from all TiVo platforms come June 25th.

Announcement of the functionality back in 2011 marked a seminal moment in DVR retail history, where the nation’s largest cable provider stepped up to the plate and collaborated with TiVo to right some (CableCARD) wrongs. Heck, TiVo even rolled out billboards to broadcast the initiative. But those days are coming to an end as Comcast no longer sees value in maintaining antiquated on-demand hardware that only serves TiVo these days nor are they seemingly interested in investing resources to produce a new solution.

While it’s true the companies have been engaged in a number of recent battles, as TiVo seeks Comcast patent licensing agreements, in asking around I really don’t think that’s what’s going on here and believe this to be a much simpler ROI calculation. As such, Comcast is pushing folks towards their Xfinity Stream app on other platforms to get to the good stuff. Which, sadly, kills TiVo as a sole input solution for some who will have to seek out HBO archives on other devices. But hopefully those other devices, like Roku, will soon seen their own TiVo apps

Update: Some potential reassuring news that the loss of Xfinity On Demand may be a temporary phenomenon as TiVo VP Ted Malone has responded to concerns in the forums, “TiVo and Comcast are actively working together on a plan to bring a more modern Xfinity application to TiVo customers.” While there’s no word on timing, it seems quite likely an upcoming HTML5 app will provide more expansive capabilities than the one is replaces.

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  1. Per TiVoTed, over at TCF:

    “What is changing is that Comcast and TiVo are announcing the end of support for the current Xfinity VOD application. The reason behind this is that the servers which are supporting this VOD application are running on an older operating system which has passed end-of-support.

    “Those of you that have used the Xfinity VOD application on TiVo have probably noticed that it is quite dated by now. This is because the VOD application was written on top of TiVo’s old HME architecture which we no longer use now that HTML5 has taken off.”


  2. Supposedly Comcast is distributing their on-demand in a different manner these days and the only thing left using this infrastructure (a SeaChange something?) is TiVo. So they’ve made the executive decision to shut it off, versus keeping it on (assuming that’s an option) or redesigning. They’re less motivated than Jason’s org as Comcast doesn’t lease TiVo boxes, it’s us owners of retail TiVos latching onto the cable teat.

  3. Does anyone with Tivo and Comcast use Xfinity on Demand? I tried it once or twice and thought it was pretty pathetic. No doubt it is dated.

  4. I use it. It’s old but it works. Lots of content I pay for that isn’t on the regular premium channels.

  5. Xfinity cable UI is awful. Comcast should buy Tivo and use it’s interface and fantastic remote and channel display. It’s a shame that the best interface and equipment is being pushed out by the big cable company and we have to live with there crap remote and channel interface.

  6. Speaking of the Tivo apps… Any update or insight on the release date of Roku’s? Since we’re now past half way through Q2, and they’ve been kind of quiet about it since the January announcement.

  7. Its because comcast switched to roku which has full access to everything. Is cheaper. And has no monthly fee

  8. TiVo is on its last legs. Cable boxes will go away. All you will need is a modem in the next few years. Smart TVs and customer owned devices like Roku, Apple TV, etc are the future of tv.

  9. What operating system is going end of support this soon? Server 2008 R2 goes EOS along with Windows 7 on January 14, 2020.

    SQL server 2008 goes end of support but there’s a direct upgrade path to 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017.

  10. I do use the on demand once in a while if we miss setting a shoe to tape but if it’s not a pay channel you have to watch the commercials and can’t skip, which is brutal. It’s not a game changer to loose this but it is a bummer.

  11. I understand but not happy since it is a feature I pay for and no one on either side managed to get the thing to consistantly work.

  12. Ok, I’m a relic! I do not know about Tivoli, ect. I just had to go up on my package just to get USA. 25 bucks just for that. I use on Demand alot, so how do I know if I’m effected. Thank you in advance.

  13. Hey on demand plays Game of Thrones which I have never seen (I know I know), because I refuse to pay for HBO on top of Netflix AND Hulu. So there was that.

  14. The Comcast Roku app is free because it’s in Beta. At some point it will be “final” and to continue using it you’ll have to pay. This is disclosed the first time you use the app.

  15. Outside of being an OTA DVR, TIVO is useless.
    The apps are lethargic and won’t ever be updated.

    Not sure why any one whole have a TIVO for cable.

  16. On demand access to cable service providers was the one feature Tivo lacked for years. Tivo was finally able to work something out with Cox, Time Warner, Comcast, etc a few years ago.

    BTW, I tried to get a CableCard for my new Tivo Bolt at a Cox Solutions store in San Diego last week and was told by the desk person they weren’t providing the cards due to some unspecified reason.

  17. Concast playing hardball with Tivo as if cable is king again is just one more reason to cut the cord!

  18. I fail to understand why TiVo let this happen knowing full well that Comcast was going to ditch it without a replacement in place. Tivo Ted has been ignoring this question at TCF.

  19. What a punch to the gut. Yes, the interface sucked, but ultimately you could access content, that you’re already paying for, on demand.

    Honestly the only reason we still had Comcast and TiVo was because of my wife’s addiction to reality TV and use of on-demand. If they can’t figure this out before the sunset I think I’ll cancel cable all together and just cut the cord.

  20. Can confirm that HBO Go is working (with the exception of closed captioning) on my Bolt here in Boston on xfinity.

  21. TiVo and Comcast are basically lying to all of us. The real reason they are pulling
    Xfinity On Demand’s fabulous search engine, (that is what I call it) is because they are engaged in a patent battle; it isn’t because of outdated technology.

    When June 25 hits, the shit will hit the fan. I recently tried to navigate without Xfinity On Demand to find the content*** I have had at my fingertips for many years and “Poof”… it’s all pretty much inaccessible. I was unable to find a way to see any listings of what Starz or Showtime has to offer; nothing I clicked on lead me to their content. While other streaming services are pretty to look at, like Hulu, it’s slow and incomplete.

    The premium channel companies can’t be happy about this. Their subscribers will only be able to watch shows when they are recorded or actually watched during broadcast times. This is going to affect their business big time. It may be interesting to see if there is a big drop in subscribers when they are paying for content they cannot find.

    *** A-Z lists of every TV show, cable series, documentaries, movies, etc., all with fast loading text descriptions.

    Maybe they are joining the ranks of other companies and just want to nickel and dime us into oblivion. Perhaps this may be a good thing in the long run. Maybe I will start reading again.

  22. FYI, I have been working to get the Xfinity Streaming Beta to work on my Roku. With no luck, the channel will not load. It turns out I own the one model of Roku that is not supported by the Streaming App. If you have a model 3500X it will not load. After working through with both Comcast and Roku, I have been able to determine this and Roku is supposed to be sending me a code to get a discount off of buying a newer Roku.

  23. @MJK

    The reason why I still use Tivo boxes instead of Comcast’s X1 box is because the Tivo interface is far superior. Comcast has yet to be able to produce a decent program guide that utilizes a usable favorite channels list. Comcast’s favorite channel list sucks. Channels repeat in the guide to the point where it is a useless mess. Same thing goes for their terrible Roku app. I probably will be switching providers before Comcast evens implements a usable feature that Tivo had over a decade ago and satellite receivers had over two decades ago.

  24. Just tried activating HBO Go on my Roamio Pro chosing Xfinity as the provider. Received the “Device not supported” nonsense. So Comcast still is not supporting HBO Go on Tivo, at least not here.

  25. As consumers don’t we have a say?
    I know I purchased my TiVO boxes because of the features and services and the benefits of the device.
    The ended an application because it was an old legacy technology.
    We paid for our products! Comcast owes us a replacement app that provides an improved compatibility.
    This could lead to a future consumer litigation with both companies.
    A contact was made when we purchased our personal devices

  26. I am certain if you look in the Terms of Service, both companies are well within their rights to cancel the service. Please also note that TiVo has stated they are working on a replacement service (it just isn’t ready yet).

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