New Ecobee & SmartSensors Detailed

If you’ve been following along, you know ecobee is working on a variety of new products. While the company will expand their reach into the smart home later this year with (at least) an indoor camera and contact sensor, an updated ecobee thermostat and sensor is expected any day now. And, thanks to Lowe’s, all has been revealed.

Instead of going with the ecobee4+ or ecobee5, they appear to be embracing Apple’s generational approach with a simply all-new “ecobee” … that improves upon its predecessor by swapping the plastic display for glass plus enhancing wireless capabilities with dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth. Beyond those hardware enhancements, integrated Alexa capabilities will more closely mirror first party Amazon hardware with calling, drop-in, and messaging. Not to mention Spotify Connect makes an appearance. I’m hopeful these software upgrades make their way to the ecobee4. Although, the value of those feature obviously depend on ecobee’s placement within your home.

On the remote sensor front, as previously disclosed, humidity doesn’t (yet?) make an appearance. However, the more bulbous accessories provide quicker presence detection (YES!) and greater range without compromising battery life – in fact, that increases. While not itemized by Lowe’s, the magnetic base opens the door for additional placement options. New “SmartSensor” branding likely alludes to future capabilities and ecobee’s intention to make the thermostat into a hub… but, the good news is, basic temperature and presence capabilities appear backwards compatible with existing models.

Based on the pencilled in Canadian pricing, I’m guessing the new ecobee will run about the same as the outgoing ecobee4. Shouldn’t be long now.

(Thanks Anonymous tipster!)

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