Alexa Sunrise/Sunset Triggers Have Arrived

Alexa Routines have become increasingly powerful and Amazon just upped the virtual hub ante with sunrise/sunset triggers.

As shown in the video, we can use those ever shifting times to put a variety of smart home devices into action. In my case, I’m migrating three less elegant Hue lighting routines into two Alexa routines given the more intelligent scheduling and as Alexa’s “groups” preceded Hue’s (beta) “zones.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that sunrise and sunset can be used as “conditions” (yet?) within a routine. For example, I’m unable to trigger an action between sunrise and sunset. But, as this is just the first cut, I’m hopeful we’ll see the capabilities expanded over time.

1 thought on “Alexa Sunrise/Sunset Triggers Have Arrived”

  1. Dave – IConnectHue has really good timers also activated by sunrise and sunset. The difference: You view by group rather than by time/event. But that’s a plus I think. Are you familiar with this app for managing Hue? It’s really good excellent and always improving.
    All best, steve

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