Amazon Deepens Alexa Ring Integration With “Person Detection” Alerts

Despite questionable privacy practices, it’s increasingly difficult to quit Alexa given Amazon’s continued device integration and Routine enhancements. And today our very own Adam Miarka discovered Ring video now includes Alexa speaker announcements of “Person Detection.” Except it may not actually be active yet, given his limited testing. While Adam can enable the option for his Ring Pro Doorbell and Floodlight camera, dancing in front of the sensors does nothing at this point. Not to mention I don’t even have the option available within my Alexa app. But it all seemingly suggests Ring’s continuous recording and enhanced alerts are nearly here.

Person Detection alerts sound promising, but Ring integration already runs deep with Alexa – and recently bolstered with systemwide advanced time/day scheduling. In fact, my two Ring cameras are set to turn on outdoor Hue lighting when motion is detected off-hours… which is both practical and powerful, without even involving Alexa’s core voice control competency.

3 thoughts on “Amazon Deepens Alexa Ring Integration With “Person Detection” Alerts”

  1. Perhaps bonus features to tie in with the upcoming Ring Lights :) Despite how cool the demos Google had today were, they’re still so behind Alexa in so many ways.

  2. Several times my Ring doorbell has announced something like person detected near your front door….but it’s been sporadic and I’ve yet to trigger the announcement purposefully.

  3. My ring has announces “possible mothman sighting” every few days. We live in Point Pleasant.

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