Wyze Moves Beyond The Cam With Motion & Door Sensors

Wyze, the company known for surprisingly robust smart cams with generous cloud services in relation to its inexpensive pricing (starting at $25, no fees!), is extending their reach into our smart homes … by soon fleshing out the product lineup with motion and contact sensors that communicate via what looks to be a tiny USB-powered Zigbee (?) bridge. In addition to the new hardware, more complex interactions (aka “scenes”) will make their debut — taking on Nest, Ring, and SmartThings in the process.

Presumably these upcoming (whitelabeled?) accessories will similarly work with IFTTT and Alexa, as the cams do, and it seems one or both of these, OR another inbound sensor, will also pick up temperature and humidity readings given references spelled out within their updated app. But, wait, that’s not all – I’m also seeing lightbulb iconography. Does that suggest bulbs, outlets, or wall switches are en route too?

Curiouser and curiouser! And excellent to see additional competition in this space from a company that could help keep pricing grounded.

5 thoughts on “Wyze Moves Beyond The Cam With Motion & Door Sensors”

  1. Interesting but I’d never buy these. Skim the reviews on Amazon for the reports of the cams recording when off and sending data to China. I’ll stay away until their privacy is improved.

  2. @ Jesse, while your concern is valid, think about it from a practical standpoint.

    Is the next invasion of America going to go through your house, via comprimising the cam system?

    Either way, they’ve re-routed the traffic to keep it state-side, and you can also block most of the Chinese IPs it contacts in the process.

    Ask yourself this — have you checked to see what countries the major players are contacting (Nest, Arlo, etc) ????? I think you’re going to be equally disappointed.

  3. I just want the ability to tell Alexa to turn off notifications when I’m home. I do not have Amazon Spots or Shows and don’t plan on buying any, so the Alexa skills are useless to me.

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