TiVo Heads To Android TV

What the what?! A new TiVo “Android” voice remote with Google Assistant button just passed through the FCC. Is the TiVo experience intended to run on top of the Android TV platform, similar to DirecTV NOW’s beta box? Might the company lean on Android’s native DVR functionality or would something like this function as a TiVo Mini-esque end point? Is this designed for the cord cutting crowd or for one of TiVo’s IPTV partners? Or is this merely a companion accessory to the upcoming TiVo Hydra set-top streamer app. CES should be interesting…

10 thoughts on “TiVo Heads To Android TV”

  1. Man, I would love tivo extenders as an app, but I wonder if this is meant for some broader effort to compete as a setup box program. Android TV isn’t making much progress in market share, so they could really stand to join forces.

  2. It seems too basic to be a full-on TiVo remote. I like the accessory for a streamer idea, though I think the MSO thing might be more likely.

  3. I wonder if since the “d pad” doesn’t have any kind of labels on it, if it could be some kind of flexible control pad. If you’re watching a video, it functions as play/pause, rew/ff, etc and if you’re in the main UI, it’s a d pad.

  4. With TiVo you never know… but a few months back, it seemed like we were on track to see some of those “soft” clients at CES. That’s what the ecosystem needs so desperately, hopefully they’re nearly ready. *fingers crossed*

    Regarding this thing, after more contemplation, discussion above, and with others, I’m leaning towards an IPTV partner set-top. And without those transport controls, probably for live TV only.

  5. For live TV only, Dave? No, we already know that the box will support VOD, given the dedicated VOD button on the remote. I think that Adam’s guess, above, will prove correct — the D-pad will control playback in VOD as well as cloud DVR.

  6. I meant live in regards to linear, probably no DVR. Need to look at that other set-top filing again. VOD is a separate category in my mind and obviously present. The D-pad being contextually aware is a reasonable thought. Most remotes don’t have two like TiVo.

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